Not worth putting a title #2

While your reading this I’m probably camping or on the way back from camping because it turned out that our tent wasn’t waterproof or I could be dead, My tent could of been struck by lightning, if that’s the case this could possibly be my last blog post.

In all honesty I don’t know what this post is going to be about I just thought that it was a good intro.

The camping trip I am on right now may not be the best one I’ve had because it’s going to be bad weather all week so…Why are we going? Basically I have to go back to school soon and that means that if we are not camping then we will not go camping at all.

I have downloaded 4 books on my kobo for the camping trip so that when it rains I won’t be bored doing nothing in the tent. I’m also taking my notebook and my sketchbook. So hopefully I will not get bored, fingers crossed.

I’m planning to take loads of photos so keep your eyes pealed for a photography post.

Last time I went camping I got this rubbish sleeping bag where I was colder in it than on it. I woke up a few times in the night so I hardly slept. This time I’ll thankfully have a warmer one.

Honestly I don’t even know why I’m telling you all this… Is this interesting? Probably not. I’m sorry if it’s not.

If I’ve bored you, you should go listen to Christine and the Queens she will not bore you at all, I’m obsessed.

My brother is reading everything that I’m writing out loud. He says “It’s true”. He’s laughing now.

Change of subject:

Last week I got stung by a bee! Two days before I had a conversation with a friend about bees and I told them that I hadn’t got stung for a long time. So never say that because it might just happen.

Basically I was sitting on a bench in a park, I heard loads of buzzes around me, I told my friend that I wasn’t so sure about this place, She said that we would be fine. But after 1 minute a bee flew in my face. It didn’t sting me though, I thought it was gone but it was hiding in my hair. So after about a minute it buzzed in my hair and I FREAKED out. Normally I would just wait for it to go. But I shacked my hair and it stung me. It felt like blood was running down my head. It must of been his venom. I ran away from the bench screaming trying to get rid of it but it wasn’t going away. So I hit my head with my jacket which is so stupid, I told you I freaked out… Plus there were people walking near us… ugh so embarrassing.

When I finally managed to get it out my friend took out the sting out of my head, thank god she had long nails. I felt sorry for the bee because I didn’t want him to die. So for 10 minutes I felt guilty.

Yep that’s my bee story.

Do you have any bee stories? I’d love to hear them

Bye! Have a nice day!






Lovely camping.

You may be wondering why I have posted this post later than usual ( well actually I don’t think you really what time I publish my post but let’s pretend that you are wondering 😉 )…

Well let me tell you! I’ve just come home from a camping trip! yay!! I don’t often go camping because I used to hate it, I can’t remember why but I just did. To my surprise I actually really enjoyed it! The weather was rather good. We stayed in a campsite with the view of the sea so we could just walk down there! I even went for a bit of a swim… It was a bit cold but you know it’s England what do you expect. I felt like we were a typical English family spending summer next to the sea with my dad being a bit to proud of his camping equipment and going into the sea even though the water was freezing. Anyway I’m going to show you some of the photos that me and my family took because well there’s quite a few and some I find really pretty!

This was our tent, just basically a basic tent with the side of my head.


This was me trying to be cool like all those girls on Instagram, but those girls do not have a brother swimming in the background of their photos so they should be jealous of me.Cast_20160726_9131_P7260147.JPG

Same thing happened here me trying to be cool but I think this time I succeeded!


This was our view from the campsite, I think that on this picture the water looked so still and calm. Also it was just before a heap of rain.



Cast_20160727_9176_P7270192.JPGOkay I know this photo is not straight but I’m to lazy to edit it. We went to visit this beautiful national trust house with beautiful gardens. I love visiting this sorts of places! Here are some pictures of the house and garden:






I love flowers by the way if you haven’t noticed.







And back to the beach photos!

Me and my brother.

I mentioned about the lovely view we had from the campsite! I had never seen a prettier sunset than this one!


And to accompany my sunset watching I drank a nice Honey and Camomile tisane.

I know it’s in a plastic cup, It was easier because you didn’t have to do the washing up afterwards.#lazy


I think that’s all the photos that I need to show you! I have to many to show you all of them.  What are you doing for your Holidays? Are you going somewhere? Also tell me if you can see all the photos.

I’m going to drink some tea now, Bye! Hope you are having a great day!