5 tattoos that I love!

So tomorrow I’m going back to school and to be honest I haven’t really prepared myself, today all I have been doing is chasing flies with a newspaper and going on my phone scrolling through Pinterest and I may have discovered that tattoos can be cute… Basically I used to be against tattoos, I couldn’t see the point but at the moment I’m seeing some beautiful ones on people’s bodies. So I decided to have a little look on Pinterest to see if there was a tattoo which I would have an immediate crush on. Let me show you what I have found…


This one is so pretty! I think I would either have it done on my arm like on the picture or going all around my ankle. flower-500x500

This second I don’t want to have it but I just want to ask why would someone tattoo a bobby-pin on their body? I just don’t get it.27b3bd1d3f39ebdb1120987ed96je98d1

This one I could actually see myself having, I would have it on my big toe. In 4 years if I still like it I would get  it tattooed. It will represent all the happy memories at the beach and the happy summer days plus I find it cool so yeah definitely loving that one!


This is just freaking adorable! I love it so much. I would get it on the side of my 4th finger so that it’s nice and discrete. And if I don’t want to show it to some people I can just close my fingers.


This is truly beautiful. I admire the person who has that tattoo. It’s the most beautiful tattoo I have seen on the internet. I really want to walk past someone in the street with that tattoo, I love it so so much. This watercolour effect is great.


Well that’s it! I am becoming way more acceptable about tattoos, of course I still find some which shocks me quite a lot. I find that you can tell a lot from a person by just looking at their tattoo, you can see how intelligent they are, what they are into or what is important to them.

Do you want a tattoo? Tell me what kind of tattoo you want in the comments!

Wish me luck for my back to school!




July favourites.

Yep I’m back with a monthly favourites! It feels like I haven’t made one in ages. I love monthly favourites they are my favourite kind of blog post!



1-TEA! I couldn’t make the comeback of this series without tea! I never tried this brand before and I’m impressed. It feels as if I’m drinking fancy tea, I  find the packaging so pretty and fancy with the royal botanic garden mark-print-thingy-with-the-crown. I love the taste! It’s like a super yummy strawberry tart but after a dozen of sips you completely forge about the tart and just think about how nice this tea is. (Also can we just celebrate the fact that I actually went outside to take this picture–Go me!)


2- Book: We were liars by E.Lockhart. I loved this book! A few years ago I tried to read it but I didn’t understand it so I gave up (I know weird huh) I decided to give it another go , I enjoyed it and it was totally understandable, it’s so different from what I usually read. I adored all the characters from the book they each had a different kind of personality and I could relate to a couple of characters.



3-Pastel pink nail varnish. Throughout the year I always go for darker colours but every summer I buy one bright nail varnish. And this year I chose this one, I find this one beautiful and summery and it stays on for quite a long time! I got it from TK maxx for £2, so yeah I got lucky. (The colour on the photo is darker than it should be)


4-Tilted by Christine and the queens. I love this song so much, it make me so happy. So this is a French group (which are equally amazing in French by the way) they made their way onto British radio by mixing their song with English and French, when I first heard them on the radio I was over the moon! We never hear other languages on British radio! So please please Please go and check them out!

Cast_20160727_9180_P7270196.JPG5-Stripy vans! I love these shoes so so much! I have been wearing them all month! Though at first I as worried that they were to small because they were so tight so I tortured myself for a week by wearing them all the time to make them fit, thankfully after a while they  did.


Hope you liked this post! If you have something that you really liked this month please tell me in the comments I would love to know!  Bye! Have a good day!

Fantarica xx

5 fantastic mugs.

Hey tea lovers!

As a tea lover I love looking at different mugs to drink out actually I’m obsessed. I can just imagine in my future house this top cupboard in the kitchen where there will be loads of different kind of beautiful mugs. So I was just browsing the internet and looked at some mugs and I told myself that I’m probably not the only mug lover out there so I decided to do a blog post out of it so that all of you tea lovers can admire these beautiful mugs! So I’m kinda taking you guys shopping with me without actually buying anything. I’ll put the links for each item. Let’s go shopping!

I love how they recreated a romantic pick up line. Who doesn’t love a fun quoted tea cup? Find it here.



This is just so pretty!! It looks so cosy. I would recommend this to anyone who loves cats! Find it here.


I know that this is not a mug but look at it! How cute can it get? A pug infuser!Find it here.


I just find this cup hilariously funny! The person who created this mug must of had a great sense of humour! Hopefully Kim won’t see this. Find it here.


I’m a big fan of studio ghibli so when I saw this mug I was so happy. The Sootes spirits are so cute! Find it here.il_570xN_707324941_nwbp.jpg

I hope you enjoyed going mug shopping with me! My favourite one is the last one I think it’s so sweet!

Hope you had a good day! I had a water fight in the garden as the weather is so warm in the UK, it was great fun!


Fantarica x

 (Non of these are my photos)


The guide to a lazy day.

We all have those lazy days where you just don’t do anything and enjoy it. If you never had one of those before you should seriously consider taking a day off and be lazy especially if you have been stressed lately.

So you may be having a lazy day because you woke up and felt rubbish or It could be raining or maybe because you just felt like having one. One big Fat rule you have to remember when having a lazy day is that you should enjoy it because if your not enjoying it, it is only going be a really bad day where you feel extremely rubbish and worthless.

Firstly an important lazy day rule is that you have to wear comfortable clothes, I personally recommend wearing pyjamas. To mark the beginning of your day you will have to make yourself a nice hot drink and do nothing else as you drink it, this means no phones, computers etc. Just take this moment at the beginning of your day to just think. You could be thinking about your past week, what you have planned for your day ahead or just about life.feet-932346__180.jpg

If you want to eat unhealthy think about how you will feel afterwards if you think you will feel rubbish then please do not do it! But remember it is your day and you can be as lazy as you want so you can stop thinking of being healthy and enjoy being unhealthy!

I guess the best way to spend your day is watching NETFLIX or by binging on YouTube videos but there is one thing you need to do before pressing that play button and it is of course to get yourself a snack! I love to snack on breadsticks and humus or chopped up banana in a bowl with added unhealthy stuff ( sprinkles, Ice cream, sugar etc…). So now that you have got yourself a snack press that play button spend hours watching. Your welcome.

You may not feel great after you’ve over watched Netflix so do one of your hobbies to balance it out and I am talking about non-screen hobbies for example writing, yoga, drawing etc. Hopefully you have a hobby which you can do sitting down as you are book-1149031__180planning to be as lazy as a sloth. (no offence to sloths). Even if it’s only for 10 minutes it will do you good, release stress and make you feel relaxed.

For lunch or/and dinner you should eat a big bowl of pasta, because pasta is basically life and it’s so simple to make. I recommend mixing it with a bit of olive oil and soy sauce. It’s so yummy and filling!

At the end of the day I love having a nice hot shower or bath but I’m not a bath person, looking after myself, doing my nails, hair etc. and wearing snugly clean pyjamas.

Hope you liked this post and found it useful!

Bye! Hope you had a great lazy day!

Fantarica x




May Favourites

Hiya! Here I am again with my monthly favourites! I love making them so much! It helps me reflect on what I have been up to in the past month. This past month hasn’t been the best I had a lack of creativity; no ideas popped through my head and had loads of exams… But hey why am I complaining I haven’t even started my GCSEs yet! Anyway let’s get started:

1-Peach and Cherry Blossom tea by Twinnings. As you may know I am a big fan of tea and I love discovering new teas, So this month I have discovered Peach aCast_20160530_8758_P5300078.JPGnd cherry Blossom tea and It is so good and summery! When the weather get’s warmer I tend to go for more fruity kind of teas because I find that fruits smells of summer. If you have some tea recommendations I would love to hear some of them!

2-Granola. So lately I wanted to have a healthier breakfast than usual because coco pops are nice but you know… So I discoveOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAred some Granola which didn’t have any nuts or seeds because I’m not a big fan and It was so nice especially the berries. The best part of the granola was that it made my milk turn blue. I think it’s the new Alpen berry mix. As you can see on the photo here I added some bananas because bananas are bae.


3-Dangerous Women by Ariana Grande. I used to hate Ariana Grande but since she has released this song I have fallen for her,  I think that since this song her voice seems a lot more powerful. She’s great and so pretty!

4-Learning German. I couple of weeks ago I discovered the language section in the library and it just motivated me to learn some more German! I borrowed a Harry Potter book in German, it is quite hard to follow but when I understand parts I feel so proud of myself.

What were your favourites this month? I’d love to hear them! I hope you are having a lovely day. Bye!


PS: Does anyone knows how to create a good header image for my monthly favourites? (I want to keep it simple but decent).

Staying Hydrated…

I know you know that you need to drink more.

Drinking water can be quite hard for some people espeacelly for those who don’t like water much and the people who do not care when they feel that their mouth is dry because they are simply used to it like me.

But now everything is changing I am on a quest! I am going to drink a lot more water and be healthier. You are probably thinking that you should to so we are on a quest.

Here are some benifical facts about what water does to you to get us motivated:

  1. It gets rid of bags under your eyes.
  2. It gets rid of pimples.
  3. It makes you healthier.
  4. You won’t have as much headaches as you used to.
  5. You will be more energised than usual while working out.

The only reason not to drink water is you will pee a lot more but most people shouldn’t mind that and this is all for a good cause o this should not be a problem.

If you don’t like water here are some ways to spice it up:

You could drink tea instead it’s really hydrating, if you don’t like tea force yourself to drink at least 3 cups sometimes you just need some getting used to. I would recommend drinking green tea as it is the most beneficial and the nicest!

water-686917__180Otherwise you could try lemon water, It is super healthy and easy! All you have to do is cut pieces of lemon and put them in your water to have a nice fresh lemony taste, It seems weird at 1st but then it’s delicious! ( you could do the same with mint)

To help you, you could also try water drinking apps but personally those apps didn’t work for me.

Or you could set yourself times of the day when you have to drink water ; 3:20 drink one glass.

I think this all I have to get you motivated to drink water so now it is all up to you!


Fantarica xxx




March Favourites

Here I am again with my monthly favourites! I think that I am going to make it a monthly thing. I like doing them, I can reflect on my interests and the new things I have discovered so I feel better with myself.

Fudge tea: It’s great to have this tea at the end of the day. I don’t think it tastes a lot like fudge but it smells so nice! It tastes like cosy and joy, If you know what I mean you should never drink this tea in summer.

Quotes: This month I have discovered some lovely quotes since I started doing quote Monday I try to keep a lookout for them.

Pinterest: This month I have been pinning things all the time! I have been pinning pretty things, some jokes and of course some quotes. (and loads of other stuff). *getting annoyed because my laptop does not recognise Pinterest  it has a squiggly red thing underneath*

My mad fat Diary (series): A great series that I found on amazon prime, that talks about mental illness in the teenage life, It is hilarious! I laughed in every episode but also cried in some of them. I finished the series and I thought it had a very nice ending :).

Easter eggs!:Well of course it was Easter so what’s not to love about chocolate eggs? especially those cream eggs or when you dip you’re chocolate in tea.

I hope you enjoyed reading my monthly favourites. What were you’re monthly favourites?


Fantarica xxx