Get to know me.

I feel like this post should be a MUST on every blog, Your blog is not complete if you don’t have 25 facts about yourself! So today I am truly completing my blog, I am doing the 25 facts about myself! You’ll probably forget most of these facts and never think about this post again because you only remember 20 % of what you read per day. ( Nah… I just made that up I have no idea which percentage it is). Let’s get on with it!

  1. I am the eldest of three brothers.
  2. I put water on my toothbrush before and after applying the toothpaste.
  3. I am a YouTube addict.
  4. I could literally eat spaghetti Heinz in a tin everyday.
  5. I love taking pictures of flowers.
  6. I thought I used to be the girl who never burns in summer but my right shoulder’s skin is pealing because of how much I left the car window open.
  7. I am passionate about wanting to help Syrian refugees.
  8. I love visiting national trust places.
  9. I’m bad at sports but I like them.
  10. I’m starting my GCSEs courses next year , I have chosen to do History, German, Psychology and Art.
  11. I love painting.
  12. I don’t get the hype everyone has over pizza, it’s nice but not amazing.
  13. I am bilingual. (I speak French and English)
  14. I am very untidy but I am organised.
  15. If I’ve sat down on my sofa and there is kids program on the TV, I have to watch it until the end before I do something else, kids tv programs are so addicting.
  16. I didn’t like the book ” All the bright places”.
  17. I’m a massive film watcher.
  18. My favourite thing to eat at the moment are potato waffles.
  19. I love singing but I can’t sing
  20. My favourite Youtuber is Shane Dawson
  21. I live in flip flops
  22. When I was little I used to daydream about meeting my idol and sometimes I would cry because the thought of meeting them made me so happy (Shout out to Johnny Depp).
  23. I love mussels and chips.
  24. After reading a book I have to wait at least 2 days before starting another, so that everything that I’ve read sinks in and that I have a lot of time to think about it.
  25. One of my biggest fears is public speaking.

And there you guys go! That was my 25 facts! I hope that you guys feel as if you know me better because that was my plan.

I’m boiling, it’s so hot in the UK today! I know that in some countries it’s twice as hot but it feels as if it can’t get warmer than this.  Shout out to anyone who is also super warm.



The sofa tag.

I love my sofa so much so I decided to make a Tag with him!

Where did you 1st meet your sofa?

Ooh…I remember this day perfectly, me and my family were walking around Ikea and found this perfect sofa, but it was to expensive so we looked for another one and this is were we saw this charming sofa, I was quite shy at first as I didn’t know what type he was, but when we tested him out we knew that he was going to be the one.

What was our first date?

Awe.. I wonder if he remembers.. I think our first date must of been while watching a film to celebrate his arrival.

What was your first impression?

My first impressions were that he was good looking and comfy.

What do you argue about the most?

I think we argue about me eating on him because once I spilled some pasta on him and I don’t think he was very happy… oops.

Do we have a tradition?

Usually we like when I sit on him which is every single day, I guess we could call that a tradition. (By the way I’m sitting on him right now)

When did I meet the family?

Well I guess we made his family ;All his little pillows which we gave him are adorable! Or when we went to Ikea.


Ok ok ok ok It’s a Joke. I made a parody of the boyfriend tag. I’m sorry if some of you thought I was serious. This is my 1st joky post on this site so yeah if my humour isn’t that funny remember that I don’t practise it that much but I had a great laugh while making it. I nominate anyone who wants to do this Tag, You can choose a different object if you want, Haha. (As if I know loads of people who would love to do it)

Have a good day and show some love to your sofa!


Fantarica xx