Summer reads.

I really need to get in the blogging routine again… I always used to schedule my posts and I have to say life was a lot easier when I did that but since the holidays started I haven’t been doing it and now that I ‘m back to school and have loads of homework it’s quite hard to go back into that routine.

The reason why I didn’t post my weekly post on Friday was because I was on my period and it was the very painful kind where you can’t move so you just watch YouTube videos instead and cry your eyes out because your watching an impression video of the characters from Tim Burton films which was beautiful… Basically when I’m on my period I get highly emotional and anything can make me cry.

Anyway, Anyhow… Here is a list of the books I have read this summer!



The face on the milk carton by Caroline b. Cooney

This has been one of the most annoying series I have read.  Let me explain…

So the first book I thought was brilliant, the second was okay but started to get boring as nothing was really happening so as nothing was happening I thought that they would be an amazing plot twist at the end. Guess what…There was non…But the ending just forces you to read the next book so much so your in a vicious circle until you’ve read all the 4 books and you just get very disappointed at the end of the series. The only thing that got me going was that it was very easy to read and of course the suspense. I give this book a 3/5

missMiss Peregrine’s home for Peculiar Children. by Ransom Gibbs

Everyone needs to read this book at least once in their lives especially if you like fantasy/ gothic books ( actually gothic in only some parts).

I give this book a 4/5.


The night itself by Zoe Marriott.

I read this book because I wanted to read something different so why not try a book about a Japanese samurai girl living in England. I loved this book! It was easy to read. There was loads of film and book references which I loved even though I didn’t see the matrix. There were some Japanese spirits which I discovered. I learnt that Sonic the hedgehog’s friend is a spirit! ( the brown one) I don’t blame you if you don’t remember that cartoon.  Plus all the characters in the book are so loveable!  I give this book a  4.5/5


We were liars by E.Lockhart. 

I mean this book is completely beautiful! READ IT NOW!

I give this book a 5/5.

noughts and crosses.png

Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman.

Oh my god this book I’m reading at the moment is incredible it’s about segregation which is the first book I have read on this topic. Please give it a read!

I give this book a 5/5 so far.


That’s it! Have you read some of these books?  Which was your favourite book you read this summer? Has anyone read J.K Rowling’s new book? Have a great day and remember to read loads!




May Favourites

Hiya! Here I am again with my monthly favourites! I love making them so much! It helps me reflect on what I have been up to in the past month. This past month hasn’t been the best I had a lack of creativity; no ideas popped through my head and had loads of exams… But hey why am I complaining I haven’t even started my GCSEs yet! Anyway let’s get started:

1-Peach and Cherry Blossom tea by Twinnings. As you may know I am a big fan of tea and I love discovering new teas, So this month I have discovered Peach aCast_20160530_8758_P5300078.JPGnd cherry Blossom tea and It is so good and summery! When the weather get’s warmer I tend to go for more fruity kind of teas because I find that fruits smells of summer. If you have some tea recommendations I would love to hear some of them!

2-Granola. So lately I wanted to have a healthier breakfast than usual because coco pops are nice but you know… So I discoveOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAred some Granola which didn’t have any nuts or seeds because I’m not a big fan and It was so nice especially the berries. The best part of the granola was that it made my milk turn blue. I think it’s the new Alpen berry mix. As you can see on the photo here I added some bananas because bananas are bae.


3-Dangerous Women by Ariana Grande. I used to hate Ariana Grande but since she has released this song I have fallen for her,  I think that since this song her voice seems a lot more powerful. She’s great and so pretty!

4-Learning German. I couple of weeks ago I discovered the language section in the library and it just motivated me to learn some more German! I borrowed a Harry Potter book in German, it is quite hard to follow but when I understand parts I feel so proud of myself.

What were your favourites this month? I’d love to hear them! I hope you are having a lovely day. Bye!


PS: Does anyone knows how to create a good header image for my monthly favourites? (I want to keep it simple but decent).

Matched: Book Review (No spoilers)

Hello to all the book worms out there!

“Why are some things easier to write than say”

I wanted to write a book review for quite a long time now but as I am a very slow reader I don’t write them that often. Oh and I just want to add that while I am writing this review I am boiling with my hands who are all sweaty touching the warm computer’s keyboard.

Anyway let’s begin with review:

(not my image but I love it!)

Matched by Ally Condie

1st book of the trilogy.

3.5/5 stars. (My opinion)

366 Pages.

Important characters : Cassia, Ky and Xander.

I gave this book a 3/5 because for me it is not a memorable book (for me anyway) . I wanted to read this book for a long time because a lot of people said it was a really good book. I was highly disappointed I found that nothing much happened in the book, It is very slow, I know that this is a series but I think that something really exciting should happen in the first book to get the reader wanting to carry on. One thing that I loved about the book was that they were great quotes and metaphors.

” I am trapped in glass and I want to break out and breathe deep but I’m afraid that it will hurt.”

I liked the relationships that the characters had between each other and how each character developed throughout the book especially Cassia the main character.

If you have ever read the Giver, this book is very VERY similar to it, It’s basically the same but with a different storyline. So if you are a fan of the giver you will love this book! I also read this book I think is because it is a Dystopian novel. I am pretty sure that dystopian novels can speak to me or control me because through this past year I have read loads of them! At least 10!

Here are some reviews to get you excited if you want to read it:

“Matched is the hottest YA title to hit the bookstores since hunger games”~ Entertainment Weekly

“Unmissable”~ Marie Closer

“Teen read of the year”~ Irish independent.

Would I read the other books? Probably not unless I don’t have anything else to read.

I hope this book review was helpful to you. Have a good day!


Fantarica xxx


Book Review: Wicked Lovely

Hello so today I’m going to do a book review, this my first time one but I guess it mustn’t be that hard!(No Spoilers)

WICKED LOVELY by Melissa Marr.

Wicked lovely is the first of It’s series of 5 books. It was a fun book to read,I don’t normally rPicsArt_03-13-11.13.57ead books like this anymore…

Wicked lovely is about a love story between a human and a fairy. It is a weird and wonderful book. My favourite Character is Keenan, the fairy who wants to have Aislinn for his “Summer Queen”, but he is not the best at flirting with human girls. I am not going to say more information about the book because I hate spoilers!

Some people may say that it is a bit like Twilight but I don’t really think that it is because These books are shorter So a lot more things seem to happen, Rather than the big twilight books that are quite slow ( I am not critising Twilight).

This book bought me back to the days I believed in fairies; when I used to play in the garden and seeing them on some flowers and pretending to be one or when a cold breeze brushed against my skin, I used to think that a fairy was near me.I forgot how much I loved them until now! They are beautiful creatures. I am going to finish the series for sure!

I think that sometimes if you are a book worm you should go once every two months to the library and pick a book that you would never pick. You never know the book may be full of surprises! 🙂

Fantarica xxx


5 phone games you should never start playing! (review)

coffee-923094__180Here is a big Warning for whoever is reading this! I wanted to warn you about some phone games that will destroy you’re life, Make you unsocial But most importantly will make you addictied to you’re phone and stop you from doing other things that you are supposed to be doing especially like studying or sleeping. ( But this could that the games are very good).

1- Candy Crush.

This is the first game I have been proper addicted to,It took over my life,I was over level 200! And at that moment all m friends were playing it too so my goal was to beat everyone!


This game is one of the easiest games you will ever play, It is really well done.If it was hard I think I wouldn’t of completed this game. Oh and It’s super fun! (At the moment I am playing plantsvszombies2).

At first I didn’t think much of this game but as I played it a dozen of times before I knew it I was addicted! Thankfully it was only for a week.


I haven’t played this game but I have seen loads of people playing it at school and most of them I think are addicted. So yeah don’t play that game!


5-Curve fever

This is not a phone game but a computer game.I have seen a youtuber playing it so I asked myself why not give it a try? And It is super addictin as I am really bad at this game and you play against real people you want to try to beat I you won’t stop until you are at the top of the leaderboard! ( I have never been to the top though)