The French goes shoppping!

HEY!It’s a beautiful day today! Nice and warm , I hope where you are the weather is nice! I told you in my last post my friend from France was coming! YAY! Well she’s here! Let’s call her Lola. She always wanted to be called Lola when she was little.

Anyway Lola and me went to visit a nice big city, we went to an art museum which was beautiful plus it was free! Then we went shopping! To be honest we visited a bit too many shops, basically there was the main shopping centre but there wasn’t any Primarks , bearing in mind that we had already walked a lot and we weren’t quite sure how to get back to the train station so we went to ask two girls who were carrying a Primark bag where the shop was, and then we went to Primark which was quite far away so at the end of shopping our feet were hurting like mad. By the way the two girls were fantastic at giving directions!

Anyway we thought that it would be a good idea to show you what we bought! 🙂

(Hopefully you can see all the photos because lately I’ve been having quite a few problems with uploading photos, I don’t know why).

This is what Lola bought:

(I’ll be translating what she says, keep in mind that I will not be the one talking.)



#Facetheday by COLLECTION

I wanted a palette like this for a long time but I couldn’t find one which was good and quite cheap. My favourite colour is the one next to the pale pink blusher I guess, It’s a nice suttle shimmery gold colour . (boots)


Think Pink by Lush.

I’ve never been in a Lush Store so I really wanted to get a bath bomb, simple.




I’ve been in quite a few shops looking for this nice dark green colour but none had it even Sephora didn’t, theirs wasn’t pretty. When I saw this one in KIKO was perfect I was over the moon! It was only 1£.



I love the cut on this t-shirt and the faded grey or black.




Very Pink by Impulse.

We don’t have this brand in France so I just wanted to try it out. (boots)




All the t-shirts I’ve bought are from Primark in this haul. Haha

Okay so in this photo the t-shirt kind of looks like a bat. Anyway there’s like holes on the arms. ( I don’t know how we call those) I also like the flares on the arms.


Cast_20160813_9445_P8130114.JPGCamouflage Jacket.

So I love all the camouflagy things at the moment! So yeah I couldn’t resist this Jacket. The Jacket looks better in real life.



What can I say I love jewellery!


Well that’s her hall done let’s get on to mine! As you will notice our sense of style is quite different!

Butterball by Lush.

I chose the butterball bomb so that my skin will go all soft. I’m planning to use it on the last day of the holidays. I was so happy to find out that they are against animal testing.


Bronze Glow by COLLECTION

I love this so much it must be my favourite makeup bit. Though I don’t have any brushes, I can still use my fingers. hahaha, It’s a beautiful light shimmery bronzer it’s kind of like a cross of highlighter and a bronzer.



I had a big crush on this nail varnish, I just couldn’t resist. It’s a nude with gold shimmers. (Kiko)



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Tea tree witch hazel Charcoal mask. Let me tell you a funny story about this mask, basically at first we were going to share it but at the till. The women told us that there was an offer, they had a buy one get one free. So she got us another one! We were lucky. Things like this makes my day 100x better. (boots)



I love this kind of boho style at the moment as you can see with the bracelets which I got from Primark.




They are not pyjamas! My family keeps on telling me that they are. Okay on their own they kind of look like them but I’m sure that I can rock them with a nice pair of black jeans. (Primark)






I haven’t been to Germany yet but when I do I’ll wear this T-shirt! (Primark)





I don’t wear a lot of bright colours but this one had a nice cut so why not? (Primark)






A nice summery light green t-shirt, I love the cut and simply how airy it is. (Primark)



I think that’s it! I just realized that I should probably stop buying T-shirts and buy warmer stuff instead. I think it was a successful shopping trip usually I don’t buy this much but this time I found a lot of things that I liked. My favourite purchase must be the highlighter/bronzer it makes my skin so shiny and glowy I love it! I’ve never done a haul on my blog  I think, do you guys like hauls?

Have a nice day! Bye!

Lola & Fantarica x


Lovely camping.

You may be wondering why I have posted this post later than usual ( well actually I don’t think you really what time I publish my post but let’s pretend that you are wondering 😉 )…

Well let me tell you! I’ve just come home from a camping trip! yay!! I don’t often go camping because I used to hate it, I can’t remember why but I just did. To my surprise I actually really enjoyed it! The weather was rather good. We stayed in a campsite with the view of the sea so we could just walk down there! I even went for a bit of a swim… It was a bit cold but you know it’s England what do you expect. I felt like we were a typical English family spending summer next to the sea with my dad being a bit to proud of his camping equipment and going into the sea even though the water was freezing. Anyway I’m going to show you some of the photos that me and my family took because well there’s quite a few and some I find really pretty!

This was our tent, just basically a basic tent with the side of my head.


This was me trying to be cool like all those girls on Instagram, but those girls do not have a brother swimming in the background of their photos so they should be jealous of me.Cast_20160726_9131_P7260147.JPG

Same thing happened here me trying to be cool but I think this time I succeeded!


This was our view from the campsite, I think that on this picture the water looked so still and calm. Also it was just before a heap of rain.



Cast_20160727_9176_P7270192.JPGOkay I know this photo is not straight but I’m to lazy to edit it. We went to visit this beautiful national trust house with beautiful gardens. I love visiting this sorts of places! Here are some pictures of the house and garden:






I love flowers by the way if you haven’t noticed.







And back to the beach photos!

Me and my brother.

I mentioned about the lovely view we had from the campsite! I had never seen a prettier sunset than this one!


And to accompany my sunset watching I drank a nice Honey and Camomile tisane.

I know it’s in a plastic cup, It was easier because you didn’t have to do the washing up afterwards.#lazy


I think that’s all the photos that I need to show you! I have to many to show you all of them.  What are you doing for your Holidays? Are you going somewhere? Also tell me if you can see all the photos.

I’m going to drink some tea now, Bye! Hope you are having a great day!


3 ingredient peanut butter oat squares.

As you may know I love peanut butter and when I discovered mixing peanut butter with sweet things I was on top of the world like in my peanut butter Icing post. Well today I am coming back with my mixing peanut butter with sweet things, but this time it is a very weird recipe which a lot of people will be nervous to make so only the bravest will take this great chance. Anyway let’s get on with this amazing recipe!

You will need:Cast_20160623_8831_P6230043.JPG

127grams of oats.

112grams of peanut butter

85grams of honey

You could double the quantity of mixture if you wish.

Firstly take your peanut butter and honey and melt them together. Cast_20160623_8833_P6230045.JPGBe careful the honey melts faster than the peanut butter.( I melted them by microwave). So when they are melted simply mix them with the oats until they are all covered. Then find a dish put a sheet of greaseproof paper or anything that won’t make the mixture stick and flatten the mixture on it. Leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours until it is not sticky and enjoy!

I know honey sounds weird with peanut butter but honestly it will change your life! So give it a go!


Chit chat kinda post…

So today I just wanted to talk about random stuff because I haven’t done that for a long while, I want this post to be a bit more relaxed so that I can think if the things that I want to day which are patiently waiting to come out inside my head. Anyway let the randomness start!

Last week in my school we had this week called activities week where we could choose a thing to do for a week it could of been travel, sports, science etc… I chose fashion! I find it weird because I didn’t know anything about fashion before this week I could hardly sow! I was a bit nervous about it at the beginning but it turned out to be great! On Monday we went to the V&A in London which is the biggest fashion museum in the world it was beautiful and so posh! I felt out of place exploring nice clothes surrounded by posh fashion experts!

These are the tie and dye clothes that I made:

The fashion may have opened me to a new interest: making clothes, I have never tried anything like this before and I want to find out more about it so I’m going to buy some fabric and loads of sewing materials and try to make clothes! I’ll update you guys if I managed to make some haha.

At the moment it is raining and I feel so cosy ! Sometimes I just love rain! I really want to have a nice cup of green tea to accompany my cosyness but I’ve run out of it! 😦 and I hate normal tea.

I have been preparing this speech for the past few days for my GCSEs, it’s about Syrian Refugees coming to our country and I’ve been so passionate about it so I’m quite happy with myself which is surprising because I hate anything to do with talking in front of the whole class , It’s so nerve-racking!  Hopefully it will be just fine :).

Also I have one week and a half left of school and then I’m free like a bird at last! I’m so excited!!!!

If any of you watched the football last night, the only good thing about it was when the moth landed on Ronaldo’s head.


Fantarica x



50 Followers+Q&A!!

This week something very nice happened to me, one morning I woke up and found out that I had reached 50 followers!!! Yay!! I am extremely thankful! Thank you for reading my posts, it means an awful lot! And as you may have seen I am not the only one who has reached 5o followers this week so congratulations to everyone who has reached 50 followers! ( I’m wanted to name some of you but I have the memory of Dory).

I want questions! Lots and lots of questions! Weird and wonderful questions!

So to celebrate the fact that I have now 50 followers I wanted to do a Q&A! I love reading other people’s Q&A so I wanted to try one myself so I want to try and answer 5o questions so please please please PLEASE comment loads of questions down below it would mean so much to me if I managed to answer 50.

Hope you are having a lovely day!

Bye! x



May Favourites

Hiya! Here I am again with my monthly favourites! I love making them so much! It helps me reflect on what I have been up to in the past month. This past month hasn’t been the best I had a lack of creativity; no ideas popped through my head and had loads of exams… But hey why am I complaining I haven’t even started my GCSEs yet! Anyway let’s get started:

1-Peach and Cherry Blossom tea by Twinnings. As you may know I am a big fan of tea and I love discovering new teas, So this month I have discovered Peach aCast_20160530_8758_P5300078.JPGnd cherry Blossom tea and It is so good and summery! When the weather get’s warmer I tend to go for more fruity kind of teas because I find that fruits smells of summer. If you have some tea recommendations I would love to hear some of them!

2-Granola. So lately I wanted to have a healthier breakfast than usual because coco pops are nice but you know… So I discoveOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAred some Granola which didn’t have any nuts or seeds because I’m not a big fan and It was so nice especially the berries. The best part of the granola was that it made my milk turn blue. I think it’s the new Alpen berry mix. As you can see on the photo here I added some bananas because bananas are bae.


3-Dangerous Women by Ariana Grande. I used to hate Ariana Grande but since she has released this song I have fallen for her,  I think that since this song her voice seems a lot more powerful. She’s great and so pretty!

4-Learning German. I couple of weeks ago I discovered the language section in the library and it just motivated me to learn some more German! I borrowed a Harry Potter book in German, it is quite hard to follow but when I understand parts I feel so proud of myself.

What were your favourites this month? I’d love to hear them! I hope you are having a lovely day. Bye!


PS: Does anyone knows how to create a good header image for my monthly favourites? (I want to keep it simple but decent).

My fab weekend

 I don’t think that this was a successful week-end to be honest.. I had loads of homework to do, The weather was too warm to do anything, I made burnt cookies…

BeFunky Collage.jpg
The cookies were originally by Tanya Burr ( you can find them on her blog)Here

But one thing that I loved about this weekend was that summer clothes made their way back! I love summer clothes so much I feel free and I’m always in a good mood when I wear them! I mean sleeping in soft shorts is the best! Actually I think that being able to go outside barefoot without being cold is the best! Feeling the grass between your toes…

(Sorry if you have podophobia)


I know people don’t usually take pictures of their naked feet but the camera was in my hands and I thought that it would probably make a cool photo; I was wrong of course.

I have searched the internet for a poem about summer as I am super excited! Oh look the poem must be about me!

Barefoot Days.

In the morning, very early,
That’s the time I love to go
Barefoot where the fern grows curly
And grass is cool between each toe,
On a summer morning-O!
On a summer morning!

That is when the birds go by
Up the sunny slopes of air,
And each rose has a butterfly
Or a golden bee to wear;
And I am glad in every toe
Such a summer morning-O!
Such a summer morning!

Rachel Field

I hoped you liked this post that I made for you, It is not what I usually write but I was in a good mood and sometimes a little change is good :)!

I hope you are having a fantastic day!


Fantarica xxx