Smoothie recipe+ 100 followers!

This is going to be a two part blog post as you can see from the title I think I’m going to start with a nice smoothie and finish with 100 lovely followers.

Every Summer I get obsessed over making smoothies, I get my inspiration from YouTube videos and Pinterest, most of them are disgusting, I mean why do I put kale in my smoothies when I don’t even like it!? or why do I add carrots to my smoothies when I know each time it doesn’t blend properly so it ends up me having to drink carrot bits. One thing I have learnt about making smoothies is to not add vegetables or to not try to aim for a green smoothie unless you are a smoothie master which I am  clearly not.

This time, for once, I managed to master the smoothie art! I finally made a fantastically yummy smoothie! I am so proud of it that I am going to share my recipe on the internet!

You will need:

75 ml of Orange juice.

75ml of Mango juice or you could also use mango chunks.

2 Bananas.

1 Nectarine.

Well I don’t really need to give directions for a smoothies because it is fairly easy, Just blend everything together and Voila! Oh I like freezing my bananas 1 hour before the blending so that I get a nice cold smoothie. I also like to add a small handful of red fruits to give it a bit more colour, if so I will sieve it because I hate having blueberry skin stuck between my teeth.

Well that’s the end of part 1, Shall we get started with the second part? I don’t know about you but I think we should.

On Monday something exciting happened to me, I reached 100 followers!Yay!

Honestly I did not think I would of been this happy, When I got the notification on my phone I started dancing around the kitchen ( I was making my lunch) grinning full of happiness.

I know that I am not the best of bloggers, I do not post more than twice a week, I forget to comment on posts that I love, my grammar is not the best, maybe some people don’t even like what I write but that’s fine by me. I didn’t get my 100 followers as quickly as most bloggers do but I don’t mind because blogging is not a big part of my life, It’s just a small hobby that I do to spend time apart from the real world, so I do not put my all into it like some bloggers do which I totally admire. I like it being a small hobby then I can concentrate more on my other hobbies because to be honest I’m quite bad at keeping hobbies.

I find the blogging community nice and cheerful. I think if people weren’t as nice, I would of probably given up. When I go on WordPress I feel as if I’m entering a crowd of lovely people smiling at each other and being supportive. It’s truly wonderful.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the lovely comments and thank to all 100 people for clicking that follow button. It means quite a lot to me.

Shout out to my last 5 followers:




it’s me saraa


So be sure to check them out because who knows you may discover your favourite blogger!

Hope you are had a nice summer! Bye!

Fantarica x






Ramble Scramble Bramble.

This post is going to be about whatever comes to mind!

YAY!!!! The Olympics have started! I loved the opening ceremony, I liked how it was about global warming and taking care of the earth together, I thought that planting a giant tree was a brilliant Idea! I had to watch the ceremony on replay the next morning because it was at night time. The time difference kind of sucks .I’m very happy that they have made a refugee team! I got quite emotional about that, I hope that they’ll do well, it will be great for their future and the future of there families. Plus it gives a lot of hope to other refugees. I’m probably going to support there team. My favourite sports to watch on the Olympics are Weightlifting, Diving ( Those men are so hot…) and synchronised swimming. What are you favourites?

So two weeks ago as you may know I went camping, I went on the beach and went stone picking so I painted TOTORO on a rock!! I love Totoro so much he is such a


loving character! He’s a spirit in the film “My neighbour Totoro” which is one of my favourite films ever I could watch it over and over again. It’s a shame that not many people know who he is. I was on Instagram the other day and there was this picture of Totoro in form of a bed and nobody knew who he was! They all thought that he was simply a big cute cat. 😦

Yesterday I went swimming! I haven’t been swimming for so long maybe more than a year! Because each time I was meant to be swimming I was on my period so yeah that sucks. But this time I wasn’t on my period and I could go swimming! It was so nice just playing around in the pool unsuccessfully trying to teach my brother to swim. After that we had a barbecue yay! I made this sort of banana split-smore thingy. Basically I opened up the banana and I put two pieces of chocolate and a marshmallow then I wrapped it up with tin foil and chucked it on the barbecue. Just let me tell you that this was proper FOODPORN, how everything just melted in your mouth… mmmm.. It’s better than cake.

My best friend from France is coming Tuesday and I am so SO excited!!! I might make posts with her but I’m not sure yet. She is extremely bad at talking English so it’s going to be a funny experience. I’m quite nervous for her because she’s taking the plane for the first time alone to a place where she won’t be able to understand anything! Send her telepathic luck please!

That’s all of my Ramble Scramble Bramble! I’m sorry if the title was to cringy for you. I hope you are having a great summer and that you are having loads of barbecues! BYE!!

Fantarica x


Chit chat kinda post…

So today I just wanted to talk about random stuff because I haven’t done that for a long while, I want this post to be a bit more relaxed so that I can think if the things that I want to day which are patiently waiting to come out inside my head. Anyway let the randomness start!

Last week in my school we had this week called activities week where we could choose a thing to do for a week it could of been travel, sports, science etc… I chose fashion! I find it weird because I didn’t know anything about fashion before this week I could hardly sow! I was a bit nervous about it at the beginning but it turned out to be great! On Monday we went to the V&A in London which is the biggest fashion museum in the world it was beautiful and so posh! I felt out of place exploring nice clothes surrounded by posh fashion experts!

These are the tie and dye clothes that I made:

The fashion may have opened me to a new interest: making clothes, I have never tried anything like this before and I want to find out more about it so I’m going to buy some fabric and loads of sewing materials and try to make clothes! I’ll update you guys if I managed to make some haha.

At the moment it is raining and I feel so cosy ! Sometimes I just love rain! I really want to have a nice cup of green tea to accompany my cosyness but I’ve run out of it! 😦 and I hate normal tea.

I have been preparing this speech for the past few days for my GCSEs, it’s about Syrian Refugees coming to our country and I’ve been so passionate about it so I’m quite happy with myself which is surprising because I hate anything to do with talking in front of the whole class , It’s so nerve-racking!  Hopefully it will be just fine :).

Also I have one week and a half left of school and then I’m free like a bird at last! I’m so excited!!!!

If any of you watched the football last night, the only good thing about it was when the moth landed on Ronaldo’s head.


Fantarica x



50 Followers+Q&A!!

This week something very nice happened to me, one morning I woke up and found out that I had reached 50 followers!!! Yay!! I am extremely thankful! Thank you for reading my posts, it means an awful lot! And as you may have seen I am not the only one who has reached 5o followers this week so congratulations to everyone who has reached 50 followers! ( I’m wanted to name some of you but I have the memory of Dory).

I want questions! Lots and lots of questions! Weird and wonderful questions!

So to celebrate the fact that I have now 50 followers I wanted to do a Q&A! I love reading other people’s Q&A so I wanted to try one myself so I want to try and answer 5o questions so please please please PLEASE comment loads of questions down below it would mean so much to me if I managed to answer 50.

Hope you are having a lovely day!

Bye! x



Wanting to make you shine.

These quotes surrounding us on social media, the ones that makes us hope but is it in a good way?

“Soon things will get brighter”

Are they really going to get brighter? How soon is this? This quote which you read over and over again hopping. Are you sure these words speak the truth? Of course they do but you need to know how to react to them.

You are the quote, you need to get bright before the “things”. Bad things after bad things are going to happen in your life. The moment you’ll think it has gone brighter something bad will happen. So you’ll end up at the same place you were before… reading of these quotes sitting on the edge of your bed thinking how awful life is.

Hopefully one day you’ll get it, one day you’ll see that you didn’t do it right and restart your trip to brightness. You will realise that the problem is not life, it’s you. The sad person that can’t understand that life is not perfect, that you can’t get everything you want. You have to realise that the only way that life is going to get brighter is that the spark in you must shine, not the things, you, you must be as bright and shiny as ever. Brighter than life. You need to change your way of living, stop waiting, act. Live life don’t wait it. Some journeys to understand this may take longer than other but in the end it’s worth it.

If you ever feel like this again, it’s not the world who needs changing it’s you. (don’t worry your perfect) You just need to let go of your problems and focus on yourself, you need it.

I just want to give a big hug to all the people reading of these quotes.

Also I don’t write many posts like these so if it’s bad remind yourself that I don’t know a lot about motivating people.

Fantarica xxx




My fab weekend

 I don’t think that this was a successful week-end to be honest.. I had loads of homework to do, The weather was too warm to do anything, I made burnt cookies…

BeFunky Collage.jpg
The cookies were originally by Tanya Burr ( you can find them on her blog)Here

But one thing that I loved about this weekend was that summer clothes made their way back! I love summer clothes so much I feel free and I’m always in a good mood when I wear them! I mean sleeping in soft shorts is the best! Actually I think that being able to go outside barefoot without being cold is the best! Feeling the grass between your toes…

(Sorry if you have podophobia)


I know people don’t usually take pictures of their naked feet but the camera was in my hands and I thought that it would probably make a cool photo; I was wrong of course.

I have searched the internet for a poem about summer as I am super excited! Oh look the poem must be about me!

Barefoot Days.

In the morning, very early,
That’s the time I love to go
Barefoot where the fern grows curly
And grass is cool between each toe,
On a summer morning-O!
On a summer morning!

That is when the birds go by
Up the sunny slopes of air,
And each rose has a butterfly
Or a golden bee to wear;
And I am glad in every toe
Such a summer morning-O!
Such a summer morning!

Rachel Field

I hoped you liked this post that I made for you, It is not what I usually write but I was in a good mood and sometimes a little change is good :)!

I hope you are having a fantastic day!


Fantarica xxx          


My week of happiness

This week I have been trying to be as happy as possible. I have given myself this challenge because most times when I go back to school I feel incredibly  unhappy and I also want to enjoy school as much as the holidays. I feel if I did this my life in general will be happier. So I wanted to experiment what it was like for a week by thinking positive and doing things I love. So here how it went:

Nothing can make you truly happy apart from Yourself.

Day 1: I didn’t write it down so I forgot.

Day 2: I’m feeling great! I have a new app called grow your tree focus I think, It basically helps you stop your addiction to your phone.  I have decorated my room and played the piano for a long time today. The week is going great so far. I am HAPPY!

Day 3: This morning I woke up and saw that it was raining and remembered that I had P.E. At first I realised a long sigh but then I remembered it was my happiness week, I shouldn’t let  rain and P.E make me unhappy instead I tried to see them as beautiful things. At the end of the day I felt down I even broke down ( wait…maybe that was a bit to much happiness) so to cheer me up I started drawing and listening to music. I hadn’t drawn for so long! At that point I was still feeling down but I was appreciating the time spent with myself. I think I am beginning to fail this challenge… I am resisting the temptation of going on my phone, if I don’t resist I am sure that It won’t make me any happier.

Day 4: I  feel completely normal, I am not happy or sad. Oh by the way my dad yesterday made some mussels so that cheered me up a lot.              17:10: I feel happy once again YAY! I figured having 40 minutes a day when I come back from school without touching my phone is really healthy for me; I do things that normally I would be to lazy to do like tidying my bedroom. I think what also made me happy was playing with my brother for half an hour but the main reason was that there was a storm and when there are storms I get so excited! I have come to realise It is mostly the things around me that makes me happy.

Day 5 : The day was boring and now I am a bit shouty. I am cross for no reason. this “journal” has got me realise that through a week I am on a rollercoaster of emotions. It is not possible for me to always be happy. Maybe being less lazy brings me happiness.

Day 6: For the whole day I was my normal self. Though I was quite happy when I was painting and when I watched Britain’s got talent.

What have I learnt?

I have learnt that it is impossible to be happy non-stop, but that is okay because we are only human. So feeling sad is okay you just need to know what to do to lift you up again. Spend some time with your family. Family is the source of happiness. I have discovered that spending time away from my phone made me happier because then you find other things to do instead! Another way I have discovered to keep myself happy is to be organised ; Keep your room tidy, do your homework. But I think happiness will only work if you are enthusiastic about it. Being enthusiastic is very important, be enthusiastic for the little things in life. When you wake up be ready for the day, think of the things you are looking forward to.

Remember: happiness is not found by lying in your bed all day thinking of how to be happy.

It was quite funny keeping a journal of my emotions, I was excited coming back from school to write in it. I think I may try other challenges like this one in the future. It was fun! If you have any Ideas for weekly challenges please comment them down below and I will do some of them. I may try something adventurous next time.

I hope you all had a pretty awesome day! keep smiling!

( I said the word happy way to many times)

  • *Gives you a hug of happiness*



Fantarica xxx