My bucket list.

For me the beginning of a new year is when I start school, not when the number of the year changes. So yeah and each beginning of school year I make myself a mental bucket list which I usually don’t manage to achieve. So today I’m going to share it with you guys and maybe sharing it will make it more achievable.

Revise each evening what I have learnt in my science lessons.

Me and Science we are not friends, you could call us enemies but not friends. Don’t start talking about chemistry because that’s the worse one…I’m rubbish at science and if I don’t start improving now I’ll probably won’t pass GCSE science which will suck because Science is pretty damn important. I want to start revising now because I have chosen quite hard GCSEs and next year if I have to revise loads of science I might give up or cry everyday.

Take photographs whatever the weather.

Last year I had a phase where I didn’t like taking photos anymore, I just found the world boring. This happened just after summer ended it lasted until this year’s summer started so I think I just don’t like taking photos in bad weather. I need to make the most of Autumn, winter and spring because all seasons are truly beautiful, I just can’t see it yet.

Read more.

I feel as if I choose YouTube over reading a bit to often. I feel so bad for doing so, it kills me from the inside. If you have any book recommendation I would love to hear them!

Do more art.

I just want to improve my art skills especially in drawing. And also I want to draw/paint other things than faces because that’s the only that I’m drawing lately.

Be more confident.

A year and a bit ago, I changed school and country, I think that lowered my confidence a lot, I’ve became a super shy person who felt awkward and felt like nobody new the real me. The past week, the first back to school week , I felt a change, I was more confident which I was hugely proud about, I don’t know what made me confident again. It could of been because the fact that I met a lot of new people or maybe the fact of restarting. Whatever the reason I’m happy about it.

Go swimming.

I love going swimming but I don’t go that often because most of the time when my family wants to go I’m on my period so that’s great, so when I’m not on my period I need to organise swimming pool trips. Plus swimming is the only sport that I actually like.

Yep this year I didn’t aim to do more sport and get healthy because I know I’m not going to achieve it, it’s been  3 years that I’ve wanted to be healthier and sportier though thinking about it I have managed to be healthier so that’s a good thing I guess. I know this post have been posted on Saturday and not on Friday, I don’t have an excuse for that so sorry.

Anyway I have to go to town now so bye ! Oh and tell me what you want to achieve this year in the comments!

Fantarica xx



My Bucket list.

Hello so today I was thinking about doing a blog post on my bucket list as I have quite a few things I want to do in my life. I wanted to share it with anyone reading this.

My Bucket List:

1- Have a job in an interesting Country like Germany, Finland, Australia or America. I think that it will be a great experience to learn a new culture and maybe a new language. I have always dreamed of going to an amazing country! But I don’t think I would like to live there permanently. I also really want to go to Japan but I think I’m going to go there as a holiday.

2-Get involved in a charity. For example:shaving my head for Cancer or even organising a Cake sell or maybe a Party could be a good idea, If you want to attend to the party you will have to donate 4 pounds and then have loads of funraising games and cakes! I see people doing amazing things for charity and donating so much. They are my inspiration.

3- Write a book.I always liked books since I was tiny and I also always loved writing especially when I was about 10 years old, I still do now but I don’t really write proper stories anymore I only write down my thoughts or sometimes a part of a story without a proper beginning or end. But I am trying to improve myself at writing so I could hopefully publish a book.

4- Do something Crazy. I want to do something that I have never thought of doing for example: skydiving, Go and see a psychic,Going on a huge hike in the mountains or even going to the shops dressed as a chicken!  I just want to push myself a bit further. I want to do something where after I’ve done it I want to say to myself; “Wow that was crazy”.

That’s all I can think of for my bucket list, some people have a huge bucket list! But I am happy with only 4, I don’t want to make a bucket list where most of the things are impossible to do I don’t see the point (I am sorry if you have one like that I don’t mean to be offensive). When I have managed to complete these four things I will be very proud of myself, I would have completed my life and I will be ready to die. ( Oh my god, sorry that just sounded so morbid!)

Fantarica xxx