5 tattoos that I love!

So tomorrow I’m going back to school and to be honest I haven’t really prepared myself, today all I have been doing is chasing flies with a newspaper and going on my phone scrolling through Pinterest and I may have discovered that tattoos can be cute… Basically I used to be against tattoos, I couldn’t see the point but at the moment I’m seeing some beautiful ones on people’s bodies. So I decided to have a little look on Pinterest to see if there was a tattoo which I would have an immediate crush on. Let me show you what I have found…


This one is so pretty! I think I would either have it done on my arm like on the picture or going all around my ankle. flower-500x500

This second I don’t want to have it but I just want to ask why would someone tattoo a bobby-pin on their body? I just don’t get it.27b3bd1d3f39ebdb1120987ed96je98d1

This one I could actually see myself having, I would have it on my big toe. In 4 years if I still like it I would get  it tattooed. It will represent all the happy memories at the beach and the happy summer days plus I find it cool so yeah definitely loving that one!


This is just freaking adorable! I love it so much. I would get it on the side of my 4th finger so that it’s nice and discrete. And if I don’t want to show it to some people I can just close my fingers.


This is truly beautiful. I admire the person who has that tattoo. It’s the most beautiful tattoo I have seen on the internet. I really want to walk past someone in the street with that tattoo, I love it so so much. This watercolour effect is great.


Well that’s it! I am becoming way more acceptable about tattoos, of course I still find some which shocks me quite a lot. I find that you can tell a lot from a person by just looking at their tattoo, you can see how intelligent they are, what they are into or what is important to them.

Do you want a tattoo? Tell me what kind of tattoo you want in the comments!

Wish me luck for my back to school!




July favourites.

Yep I’m back with a monthly favourites! It feels like I haven’t made one in ages. I love monthly favourites they are my favourite kind of blog post!



1-TEA! I couldn’t make the comeback of this series without tea! I never tried this brand before and I’m impressed. It feels as if I’m drinking fancy tea, I  find the packaging so pretty and fancy with the royal botanic garden mark-print-thingy-with-the-crown. I love the taste! It’s like a super yummy strawberry tart but after a dozen of sips you completely forge about the tart and just think about how nice this tea is. (Also can we just celebrate the fact that I actually went outside to take this picture–Go me!)


2- Book: We were liars by E.Lockhart. I loved this book! A few years ago I tried to read it but I didn’t understand it so I gave up (I know weird huh) I decided to give it another go , I enjoyed it and it was totally understandable, it’s so different from what I usually read. I adored all the characters from the book they each had a different kind of personality and I could relate to a couple of characters.



3-Pastel pink nail varnish. Throughout the year I always go for darker colours but every summer I buy one bright nail varnish. And this year I chose this one, I find this one beautiful and summery and it stays on for quite a long time! I got it from TK maxx for £2, so yeah I got lucky. (The colour on the photo is darker than it should be)


4-Tilted by Christine and the queens. I love this song so much, it make me so happy. So this is a French group (which are equally amazing in French by the way) they made their way onto British radio by mixing their song with English and French, when I first heard them on the radio I was over the moon! We never hear other languages on British radio! So please please Please go and check them out!

Cast_20160727_9180_P7270196.JPG5-Stripy vans! I love these shoes so so much! I have been wearing them all month! Though at first I as worried that they were to small because they were so tight so I tortured myself for a week by wearing them all the time to make them fit, thankfully after a while they  did.


Hope you liked this post! If you have something that you really liked this month please tell me in the comments I would love to know!  Bye! Have a good day!

Fantarica xx

Lovely camping.

You may be wondering why I have posted this post later than usual ( well actually I don’t think you really what time I publish my post but let’s pretend that you are wondering 😉 )…

Well let me tell you! I’ve just come home from a camping trip! yay!! I don’t often go camping because I used to hate it, I can’t remember why but I just did. To my surprise I actually really enjoyed it! The weather was rather good. We stayed in a campsite with the view of the sea so we could just walk down there! I even went for a bit of a swim… It was a bit cold but you know it’s England what do you expect. I felt like we were a typical English family spending summer next to the sea with my dad being a bit to proud of his camping equipment and going into the sea even though the water was freezing. Anyway I’m going to show you some of the photos that me and my family took because well there’s quite a few and some I find really pretty!

This was our tent, just basically a basic tent with the side of my head.


This was me trying to be cool like all those girls on Instagram, but those girls do not have a brother swimming in the background of their photos so they should be jealous of me.Cast_20160726_9131_P7260147.JPG

Same thing happened here me trying to be cool but I think this time I succeeded!


This was our view from the campsite, I think that on this picture the water looked so still and calm. Also it was just before a heap of rain.



Cast_20160727_9176_P7270192.JPGOkay I know this photo is not straight but I’m to lazy to edit it. We went to visit this beautiful national trust house with beautiful gardens. I love visiting this sorts of places! Here are some pictures of the house and garden:






I love flowers by the way if you haven’t noticed.







And back to the beach photos!

Me and my brother.

I mentioned about the lovely view we had from the campsite! I had never seen a prettier sunset than this one!


And to accompany my sunset watching I drank a nice Honey and Camomile tisane.

I know it’s in a plastic cup, It was easier because you didn’t have to do the washing up afterwards.#lazy


I think that’s all the photos that I need to show you! I have to many to show you all of them.  What are you doing for your Holidays? Are you going somewhere? Also tell me if you can see all the photos.

I’m going to drink some tea now, Bye! Hope you are having a great day!


Origami challenge-ish

Hello blog readers!

In my blog there is my first blog post hidden. My first blog post was origami butterflies. Basically 2 years ago I wanted to start a blog so I made this butterfly origami post for my first blog post, but the problem was when I had a blog I didn’t understand anything so I gave up. This year I tried again and I reposted the post for my first blog post. Anyway the point of that post was to be able to do a quick and easy origami because I was very bad at origami.

When I was a little I used to get so annoyed because all my friends were able to do them but not me.

Well today I’m going to try again and challenge myself! To see if I’m better than I was when I was a kid.


Basically… I gave up because it got too complicated for my simple mind.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg


Same happened here…

PicMonkeyj Collage.jpg


Yeah I remember why I hated them and why I was so bad at them and still am. I just gave up on of all the origamis… Also here I got a tiny bit mad.  This one looked incredibly hard to do.

PicMonkey Ckollage.jpg


Things I have learnt today:

  1. I now remember why I hated origami.
  2. Don’t be ashamed of not being able to do them.
  3. I don’t have much patience.
  4. I learnt how to write 1 butterflY and 2 butterflIES.

Are you good at origaming? because I’m not!

Hope your having a great day!




3 ingredient peanut butter oat squares.

As you may know I love peanut butter and when I discovered mixing peanut butter with sweet things I was on top of the world like in my peanut butter Icing post. Well today I am coming back with my mixing peanut butter with sweet things, but this time it is a very weird recipe which a lot of people will be nervous to make so only the bravest will take this great chance. Anyway let’s get on with this amazing recipe!

You will need:Cast_20160623_8831_P6230043.JPG

127grams of oats.

112grams of peanut butter

85grams of honey

You could double the quantity of mixture if you wish.

Firstly take your peanut butter and honey and melt them together. Cast_20160623_8833_P6230045.JPGBe careful the honey melts faster than the peanut butter.( I melted them by microwave). So when they are melted simply mix them with the oats until they are all covered. Then find a dish put a sheet of greaseproof paper or anything that won’t make the mixture stick and flatten the mixture on it. Leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours until it is not sticky and enjoy!

I know honey sounds weird with peanut butter but honestly it will change your life! So give it a go!


EU voting in or out?

Please Please Please! Vote Remain! I am too young to vote so please make a good decision, you have our future in your hands.

Hopefully you will vote, hopefully you will make that good decision. We do not need any more complications in our lives at the moment. If you vote out and if Donal Trump becomes president our world will be very different and I do not think that this different will be a good one.  I hope you took your time and thought carefully about this important decision. We joined on the 1st of January 1973, to me that does not seem like a long time so I think we should make it a long time. I’ll be happy to vote out when the UK is a disaster and when the Pros of voting out are highly bigger than the Cons. Sometimes I wish I could vote… 😦 This is a very big day so make your decision big as well.


 Vote Remain!

Fantarica x



Blogger Recognition Award!

A BIG FAT THANK YOU to the nice TEENAGE NOMAD for nominating me! If I were you I would follow her.

The rules to this award are:

1. Write a post to show your award.
2. Acknowledge the blogger that nominated you.
3. Give a brief story about how you got started blogging.
4. Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.
5. Nominate 15 bloggers for the award.


When I was about 11 I made this blog post about how to make a butterfly origami but at that age I didn’t understand anything about blogging so I gave up after that first post. So 3 years later…my plan at first was to create a YouTube channel but I realised that I was way to self-conscious so I restarted my blog by reposting the blog post I had done a long time ago. But that is not the only reason why I started a blogging, I want to improve my writing just a little bit, I guess that if I write more then I’ll improve, so when I started I really wanted to improve my writing because I guessed that in life you do need to know how to write well for example: for getting a job or even e-mailing people you need to come across as a nice person. 🙂 Another reason is that some days boredom crept on me so having a blog makes your life a tiny bit less boring. 🙂

My first piece of advice if your a new blogger is that if you are not happy about a blog post of yours do not post it! Go with your gut!

My second piece is to not be afraid about what your writing and how your audience will react to it. You control what you are writing not your audience, it’s your blog after all. 😉

Ok here is the hard bit where I have to choose who to nominate…

I nominate:

Tea Lover Jess


The World Is Not Againt Me



Girl on rainbow

A girl’s voyage


Just a blog


My life in words




The style affair


1 thing I have realised by doing this post is that I need to follow more blogs as I had an incredibly hard time picking out people.

Anyway this post is not considered as my weekly post it’s just a little bonus.