5 tattoos that I love!

So tomorrow I’m going back to school and to be honest I haven’t really prepared myself, today all I have been doing is chasing flies with a newspaper and going on my phone scrolling through Pinterest and I may have discovered that tattoos can be cute… Basically I used to be against tattoos, I couldn’t see the point but at the moment I’m seeing some beautiful ones on people’s bodies. So I decided to have a little look on Pinterest to see if there was a tattoo which I would have an immediate crush on. Let me show you what I have found…


This one is so pretty! I think I would either have it done on my arm like on the picture or going all around my ankle. flower-500x500

This second I don’t want to have it but I just want to ask why would someone tattoo a bobby-pin on their body? I just don’t get it.27b3bd1d3f39ebdb1120987ed96je98d1

This one I could actually see myself having, I would have it on my big toe. In 4 years if I still like it I would get  it tattooed. It will represent all the happy memories at the beach and the happy summer days plus I find it cool so yeah definitely loving that one!


This is just freaking adorable! I love it so much. I would get it on the side of my 4th finger so that it’s nice and discrete. And if I don’t want to show it to some people I can just close my fingers.


This is truly beautiful. I admire the person who has that tattoo. It’s the most beautiful tattoo I have seen on the internet. I really want to walk past someone in the street with that tattoo, I love it so so much. This watercolour effect is great.


Well that’s it! I am becoming way more acceptable about tattoos, of course I still find some which shocks me quite a lot. I find that you can tell a lot from a person by just looking at their tattoo, you can see how intelligent they are, what they are into or what is important to them.

Do you want a tattoo? Tell me what kind of tattoo you want in the comments!

Wish me luck for my back to school!




Smoothie recipe+ 100 followers!

This is going to be a two part blog post as you can see from the title I think I’m going to start with a nice smoothie and finish with 100 lovely followers.

Every Summer I get obsessed over making smoothies, I get my inspiration from YouTube videos and Pinterest, most of them are disgusting, I mean why do I put kale in my smoothies when I don’t even like it!? or why do I add carrots to my smoothies when I know each time it doesn’t blend properly so it ends up me having to drink carrot bits. One thing I have learnt about making smoothies is to not add vegetables or to not try to aim for a green smoothie unless you are a smoothie master which I am  clearly not.

This time, for once, I managed to master the smoothie art! I finally made a fantastically yummy smoothie! I am so proud of it that I am going to share my recipe on the internet!

You will need:

75 ml of Orange juice.

75ml of Mango juice or you could also use mango chunks.

2 Bananas.

1 Nectarine.

Well I don’t really need to give directions for a smoothies because it is fairly easy, Just blend everything together and Voila! Oh I like freezing my bananas 1 hour before the blending so that I get a nice cold smoothie. I also like to add a small handful of red fruits to give it a bit more colour, if so I will sieve it because I hate having blueberry skin stuck between my teeth.

Well that’s the end of part 1, Shall we get started with the second part? I don’t know about you but I think we should.

On Monday something exciting happened to me, I reached 100 followers!Yay!

Honestly I did not think I would of been this happy, When I got the notification on my phone I started dancing around the kitchen ( I was making my lunch) grinning full of happiness.

I know that I am not the best of bloggers, I do not post more than twice a week, I forget to comment on posts that I love, my grammar is not the best, maybe some people don’t even like what I write but that’s fine by me. I didn’t get my 100 followers as quickly as most bloggers do but I don’t mind because blogging is not a big part of my life, It’s just a small hobby that I do to spend time apart from the real world, so I do not put my all into it like some bloggers do which I totally admire. I like it being a small hobby then I can concentrate more on my other hobbies because to be honest I’m quite bad at keeping hobbies.

I find the blogging community nice and cheerful. I think if people weren’t as nice, I would of probably given up. When I go on WordPress I feel as if I’m entering a crowd of lovely people smiling at each other and being supportive. It’s truly wonderful.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the lovely comments and thank to all 100 people for clicking that follow button. It means quite a lot to me.

Shout out to my last 5 followers:




it’s me saraa


So be sure to check them out because who knows you may discover your favourite blogger!

Hope you are had a nice summer! Bye!

Fantarica x





Get to know me.

I feel like this post should be a MUST on every blog, Your blog is not complete if you don’t have 25 facts about yourself! So today I am truly completing my blog, I am doing the 25 facts about myself! You’ll probably forget most of these facts and never think about this post again because you only remember 20 % of what you read per day. ( Nah… I just made that up I have no idea which percentage it is). Let’s get on with it!

  1. I am the eldest of three brothers.
  2. I put water on my toothbrush before and after applying the toothpaste.
  3. I am a YouTube addict.
  4. I could literally eat spaghetti Heinz in a tin everyday.
  5. I love taking pictures of flowers.
  6. I thought I used to be the girl who never burns in summer but my right shoulder’s skin is pealing because of how much I left the car window open.
  7. I am passionate about wanting to help Syrian refugees.
  8. I love visiting national trust places.
  9. I’m bad at sports but I like them.
  10. I’m starting my GCSEs courses next year , I have chosen to do History, German, Psychology and Art.
  11. I love painting.
  12. I don’t get the hype everyone has over pizza, it’s nice but not amazing.
  13. I am bilingual. (I speak French and English)
  14. I am very untidy but I am organised.
  15. If I’ve sat down on my sofa and there is kids program on the TV, I have to watch it until the end before I do something else, kids tv programs are so addicting.
  16. I didn’t like the book ” All the bright places”.
  17. I’m a massive film watcher.
  18. My favourite thing to eat at the moment are potato waffles.
  19. I love singing but I can’t sing
  20. My favourite Youtuber is Shane Dawson
  21. I live in flip flops
  22. When I was little I used to daydream about meeting my idol and sometimes I would cry because the thought of meeting them made me so happy (Shout out to Johnny Depp).
  23. I love mussels and chips.
  24. After reading a book I have to wait at least 2 days before starting another, so that everything that I’ve read sinks in and that I have a lot of time to think about it.
  25. One of my biggest fears is public speaking.

And there you guys go! That was my 25 facts! I hope that you guys feel as if you know me better because that was my plan.

I’m boiling, it’s so hot in the UK today! I know that in some countries it’s twice as hot but it feels as if it can’t get warmer than this.  Shout out to anyone who is also super warm.



So about a month ago I reached 50 followers which I was extremely grateful about. So to celebrate I asked you to give me loads of questions so this is me answering them! Enjoy!

Do you see yourself blogging in five years?

Honestly I don’t think so, I think I’ll have other things on my mind, If I am blogging in five years I will probably take some long pauses. But you know anything could happen!

What’s the best part about blogging?

For me the best part is having people leave lovely comments on your posts. It just makes me so happy! 🙂

What’s a day that you can remember where you just felt happy for ages?

I can’t really remember a specific day but one of the day where I do feel happy is when it’s raining outside and me and my family have nothing to do so we just watch films together or play loads of board games.

What’s a conversation you had with someone that stuck in your mind?

I think it’s when I talked to someone who had completely different beliefs of the world’s peace and we had different opinions on what is important and what is not. I’m not going to tell you the conversation. But maybe it already happened to you. The conversation just leaves you feeling shocked.

Does this dress makes my butt look fat?

The fatter your butt the better! 😉

Do you watch CSI NY?

I don’t.

Have you ever watched anime?

I have when I was little I used to be obsessed with Pokémon and as I got older I discovered the films by Studio Ghibli which I completely adore! Also I used to watch Fairy tale.

Cat or dog?

I think I might be more of a cat person.

 When did you start your blog?

I started my blog in march or February I think.

If the ship that ships ships ship ships to a ship store, then what ship would be the ship that ship ships to the ship store?

The 3rd one? I don’t know I’m so bad at these sort of questions, tell me in the comments if I’m right.

What is your favourite blog post that you have ever done?

.This one.

What’s one of the most inspiring/beautiful moments which have changed your life in some way and you will never ever forget?

Probably meeting my best friend in year 5, without her I don’t know what kind of person I would be today, we have created so many wonderful memories together.

What would be your favourite holiday destination and why?

Germany because as I am learning the language I want to learn more about the culture. Otherwise I’d like to go to the Seychelles because well who doesn’t?

If you could invent a word what would it be and what would it mean?

Clachen, It would mean that when you don’t feel like walking you just say that word and then two random people comes and carry you to the place you want to go. It would only work for special people like me and the queen.

 What/who (if you have one) is your blogging inspiration?

I don’t think that I actually have one but the ones that inspire me are the ones that can write anything and it is still interesting.

16.If you had to eat one type of food (it can be a dish!) for the rest of your life what would it be?

It will have to be Ice cream! I know I’m such a kid.

Dream job?

Working in a charity to help refugees or advertising\selling things around the world.

What motivates you to write blog posts/do other things?

Not wanting to fall into boredom or saying “Oh if I do this I’ll be happy with myself!”

What is the most unusual conversation you have ever had?

Oh god… It was by text message and this guy pretended that a super vilain was talking to me on his phone and this super villain was a girl and “she said” that she was his girlfriend and other bunch of weird stuff. But the strangest part is that he never admitted to me that it was a joke or anything well I didn’t know because he is not the average kind of person you meet everyday,the next day he acted completely normal like nothing had happened.

What is your proudest achievement this year?

Finding ways to make myself happy with any life quality.

What is your favourite part about nature?

The trees, the colours and the fresh air!


I hope you enjoyed learning more about me! Q&As are actually harder than I thought they were!

Fantarica x


The sofa tag.

I love my sofa so much so I decided to make a Tag with him!

Where did you 1st meet your sofa?

Ooh…I remember this day perfectly, me and my family were walking around Ikea and found this perfect sofa, but it was to expensive so we looked for another one and this is were we saw this charming sofa, I was quite shy at first as I didn’t know what type he was, but when we tested him out we knew that he was going to be the one.

What was our first date?

Awe.. I wonder if he remembers.. I think our first date must of been while watching a film to celebrate his arrival.

What was your first impression?

My first impressions were that he was good looking and comfy.

What do you argue about the most?

I think we argue about me eating on him because once I spilled some pasta on him and I don’t think he was very happy… oops.

Do we have a tradition?

Usually we like when I sit on him which is every single day, I guess we could call that a tradition. (By the way I’m sitting on him right now)

When did I meet the family?

Well I guess we made his family ;All his little pillows which we gave him are adorable! Or when we went to Ikea.


Ok ok ok ok It’s a Joke. I made a parody of the boyfriend tag. I’m sorry if some of you thought I was serious. This is my 1st joky post on this site so yeah if my humour isn’t that funny remember that I don’t practise it that much but I had a great laugh while making it. I nominate anyone who wants to do this Tag, You can choose a different object if you want, Haha. (As if I know loads of people who would love to do it)

Have a good day and show some love to your sofa!


Fantarica xx



Blogger Recognition Award!

A BIG FAT THANK YOU to the nice TEENAGE NOMAD for nominating me! If I were you I would follow her.

The rules to this award are:

1. Write a post to show your award.
2. Acknowledge the blogger that nominated you.
3. Give a brief story about how you got started blogging.
4. Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.
5. Nominate 15 bloggers for the award.


When I was about 11 I made this blog post about how to make a butterfly origami but at that age I didn’t understand anything about blogging so I gave up after that first post. So 3 years later…my plan at first was to create a YouTube channel but I realised that I was way to self-conscious so I restarted my blog by reposting the blog post I had done a long time ago. But that is not the only reason why I started a blogging, I want to improve my writing just a little bit, I guess that if I write more then I’ll improve, so when I started I really wanted to improve my writing because I guessed that in life you do need to know how to write well for example: for getting a job or even e-mailing people you need to come across as a nice person. 🙂 Another reason is that some days boredom crept on me so having a blog makes your life a tiny bit less boring. 🙂

My first piece of advice if your a new blogger is that if you are not happy about a blog post of yours do not post it! Go with your gut!

My second piece is to not be afraid about what your writing and how your audience will react to it. You control what you are writing not your audience, it’s your blog after all. 😉

Ok here is the hard bit where I have to choose who to nominate…

I nominate:

Tea Lover Jess


The World Is Not Againt Me



Girl on rainbow

A girl’s voyage


Just a blog


My life in words




The style affair


1 thing I have realised by doing this post is that I need to follow more blogs as I had an incredibly hard time picking out people.

Anyway this post is not considered as my weekly post it’s just a little bonus.



The guide to a lazy day.

We all have those lazy days where you just don’t do anything and enjoy it. If you never had one of those before you should seriously consider taking a day off and be lazy especially if you have been stressed lately.

So you may be having a lazy day because you woke up and felt rubbish or It could be raining or maybe because you just felt like having one. One big Fat rule you have to remember when having a lazy day is that you should enjoy it because if your not enjoying it, it is only going be a really bad day where you feel extremely rubbish and worthless.

Firstly an important lazy day rule is that you have to wear comfortable clothes, I personally recommend wearing pyjamas. To mark the beginning of your day you will have to make yourself a nice hot drink and do nothing else as you drink it, this means no phones, computers etc. Just take this moment at the beginning of your day to just think. You could be thinking about your past week, what you have planned for your day ahead or just about life.feet-932346__180.jpg

If you want to eat unhealthy think about how you will feel afterwards if you think you will feel rubbish then please do not do it! But remember it is your day and you can be as lazy as you want so you can stop thinking of being healthy and enjoy being unhealthy!

I guess the best way to spend your day is watching NETFLIX or by binging on YouTube videos but there is one thing you need to do before pressing that play button and it is of course to get yourself a snack! I love to snack on breadsticks and humus or chopped up banana in a bowl with added unhealthy stuff ( sprinkles, Ice cream, sugar etc…). So now that you have got yourself a snack press that play button spend hours watching. Your welcome.

You may not feel great after you’ve over watched Netflix so do one of your hobbies to balance it out and I am talking about non-screen hobbies for example writing, yoga, drawing etc. Hopefully you have a hobby which you can do sitting down as you are book-1149031__180planning to be as lazy as a sloth. (no offence to sloths). Even if it’s only for 10 minutes it will do you good, release stress and make you feel relaxed.

For lunch or/and dinner you should eat a big bowl of pasta, because pasta is basically life and it’s so simple to make. I recommend mixing it with a bit of olive oil and soy sauce. It’s so yummy and filling!

At the end of the day I love having a nice hot shower or bath but I’m not a bath person, looking after myself, doing my nails, hair etc. and wearing snugly clean pyjamas.

Hope you liked this post and found it useful!

Bye! Hope you had a great lazy day!

Fantarica x