My bucket list.

For me the beginning of a new year is when I start school, not when the number of the year changes. So yeah and each beginning of school year I make myself a mental bucket list which I usually don’t manage to achieve. So today I’m going to share it with you guys and maybe sharing it will make it more achievable.

Revise each evening what I have learnt in my science lessons.

Me and Science we are not friends, you could call us enemies but not friends. Don’t start talking about chemistry because that’s the worse one…I’m rubbish at science and if I don’t start improving now I’ll probably won’t pass GCSE science which will suck because Science is pretty damn important. I want to start revising now because I have chosen quite hard GCSEs and next year if I have to revise loads of science I might give up or cry everyday.

Take photographs whatever the weather.

Last year I had a phase where I didn’t like taking photos anymore, I just found the world boring. This happened just after summer ended it lasted until this year’s summer started so I think I just don’t like taking photos in bad weather. I need to make the most of Autumn, winter and spring because all seasons are truly beautiful, I just can’t see it yet.

Read more.

I feel as if I choose YouTube over reading a bit to often. I feel so bad for doing so, it kills me from the inside. If you have any book recommendation I would love to hear them!

Do more art.

I just want to improve my art skills especially in drawing. And also I want to draw/paint other things than faces because that’s the only that I’m drawing lately.

Be more confident.

A year and a bit ago, I changed school and country, I think that lowered my confidence a lot, I’ve became a super shy person who felt awkward and felt like nobody new the real me. The past week, the first back to school week , I felt a change, I was more confident which I was hugely proud about, I don’t know what made me confident again. It could of been because the fact that I met a lot of new people or maybe the fact of restarting. Whatever the reason I’m happy about it.

Go swimming.

I love going swimming but I don’t go that often because most of the time when my family wants to go I’m on my period so that’s great, so when I’m not on my period I need to organise swimming pool trips. Plus swimming is the only sport that I actually like.

Yep this year I didn’t aim to do more sport and get healthy because I know I’m not going to achieve it, it’s been  3 years that I’ve wanted to be healthier and sportier though thinking about it I have managed to be healthier so that’s a good thing I guess. I know this post have been posted on Saturday and not on Friday, I don’t have an excuse for that so sorry.

Anyway I have to go to town now so bye ! Oh and tell me what you want to achieve this year in the comments!

Fantarica xx



Not worth putting a title #2

While your reading this I’m probably camping or on the way back from camping because it turned out that our tent wasn’t waterproof or I could be dead, My tent could of been struck by lightning, if that’s the case this could possibly be my last blog post.

In all honesty I don’t know what this post is going to be about I just thought that it was a good intro.

The camping trip I am on right now may not be the best one I’ve had because it’s going to be bad weather all week so…Why are we going? Basically I have to go back to school soon and that means that if we are not camping then we will not go camping at all.

I have downloaded 4 books on my kobo for the camping trip so that when it rains I won’t be bored doing nothing in the tent. I’m also taking my notebook and my sketchbook. So hopefully I will not get bored, fingers crossed.

I’m planning to take loads of photos so keep your eyes pealed for a photography post.

Last time I went camping I got this rubbish sleeping bag where I was colder in it than on it. I woke up a few times in the night so I hardly slept. This time I’ll thankfully have a warmer one.

Honestly I don’t even know why I’m telling you all this… Is this interesting? Probably not. I’m sorry if it’s not.

If I’ve bored you, you should go listen to Christine and the Queens she will not bore you at all, I’m obsessed.

My brother is reading everything that I’m writing out loud. He says “It’s true”. He’s laughing now.

Change of subject:

Last week I got stung by a bee! Two days before I had a conversation with a friend about bees and I told them that I hadn’t got stung for a long time. So never say that because it might just happen.

Basically I was sitting on a bench in a park, I heard loads of buzzes around me, I told my friend that I wasn’t so sure about this place, She said that we would be fine. But after 1 minute a bee flew in my face. It didn’t sting me though, I thought it was gone but it was hiding in my hair. So after about a minute it buzzed in my hair and I FREAKED out. Normally I would just wait for it to go. But I shacked my hair and it stung me. It felt like blood was running down my head. It must of been his venom. I ran away from the bench screaming trying to get rid of it but it wasn’t going away. So I hit my head with my jacket which is so stupid, I told you I freaked out… Plus there were people walking near us… ugh so embarrassing.

When I finally managed to get it out my friend took out the sting out of my head, thank god she had long nails. I felt sorry for the bee because I didn’t want him to die. So for 10 minutes I felt guilty.

Yep that’s my bee story.

Do you have any bee stories? I’d love to hear them

Bye! Have a nice day!





Ramble Scramble Bramble.

This post is going to be about whatever comes to mind!

YAY!!!! The Olympics have started! I loved the opening ceremony, I liked how it was about global warming and taking care of the earth together, I thought that planting a giant tree was a brilliant Idea! I had to watch the ceremony on replay the next morning because it was at night time. The time difference kind of sucks .I’m very happy that they have made a refugee team! I got quite emotional about that, I hope that they’ll do well, it will be great for their future and the future of there families. Plus it gives a lot of hope to other refugees. I’m probably going to support there team. My favourite sports to watch on the Olympics are Weightlifting, Diving ( Those men are so hot…) and synchronised swimming. What are you favourites?

So two weeks ago as you may know I went camping, I went on the beach and went stone picking so I painted TOTORO on a rock!! I love Totoro so much he is such a


loving character! He’s a spirit in the film “My neighbour Totoro” which is one of my favourite films ever I could watch it over and over again. It’s a shame that not many people know who he is. I was on Instagram the other day and there was this picture of Totoro in form of a bed and nobody knew who he was! They all thought that he was simply a big cute cat. 😦

Yesterday I went swimming! I haven’t been swimming for so long maybe more than a year! Because each time I was meant to be swimming I was on my period so yeah that sucks. But this time I wasn’t on my period and I could go swimming! It was so nice just playing around in the pool unsuccessfully trying to teach my brother to swim. After that we had a barbecue yay! I made this sort of banana split-smore thingy. Basically I opened up the banana and I put two pieces of chocolate and a marshmallow then I wrapped it up with tin foil and chucked it on the barbecue. Just let me tell you that this was proper FOODPORN, how everything just melted in your mouth… mmmm.. It’s better than cake.

My best friend from France is coming Tuesday and I am so SO excited!!! I might make posts with her but I’m not sure yet. She is extremely bad at talking English so it’s going to be a funny experience. I’m quite nervous for her because she’s taking the plane for the first time alone to a place where she won’t be able to understand anything! Send her telepathic luck please!

That’s all of my Ramble Scramble Bramble! I’m sorry if the title was to cringy for you. I hope you are having a great summer and that you are having loads of barbecues! BYE!!

Fantarica x


Chit chat kinda post…

So today I just wanted to talk about random stuff because I haven’t done that for a long while, I want this post to be a bit more relaxed so that I can think if the things that I want to day which are patiently waiting to come out inside my head. Anyway let the randomness start!

Last week in my school we had this week called activities week where we could choose a thing to do for a week it could of been travel, sports, science etc… I chose fashion! I find it weird because I didn’t know anything about fashion before this week I could hardly sow! I was a bit nervous about it at the beginning but it turned out to be great! On Monday we went to the V&A in London which is the biggest fashion museum in the world it was beautiful and so posh! I felt out of place exploring nice clothes surrounded by posh fashion experts!

These are the tie and dye clothes that I made:

The fashion may have opened me to a new interest: making clothes, I have never tried anything like this before and I want to find out more about it so I’m going to buy some fabric and loads of sewing materials and try to make clothes! I’ll update you guys if I managed to make some haha.

At the moment it is raining and I feel so cosy ! Sometimes I just love rain! I really want to have a nice cup of green tea to accompany my cosyness but I’ve run out of it! 😦 and I hate normal tea.

I have been preparing this speech for the past few days for my GCSEs, it’s about Syrian Refugees coming to our country and I’ve been so passionate about it so I’m quite happy with myself which is surprising because I hate anything to do with talking in front of the whole class , It’s so nerve-racking!  Hopefully it will be just fine :).

Also I have one week and a half left of school and then I’m free like a bird at last! I’m so excited!!!!

If any of you watched the football last night, the only good thing about it was when the moth landed on Ronaldo’s head.


Fantarica x



What do I want to do with my life?

This question is very hard to answer simply because I do not know at all what I want to do with my life! At this moment in time I do know what I want to do now which is try and work hard and be as happy as possible. Have I been living to much in the moment that I have forgotten to think about the future?

I see people around who has gotten there future already all planned: they know which university there going to go, which job they want and even how many children they want to have. And I’m here like a sad potato knowing nothing about what I want for my future.

And then I wonder if it’s important to think about all of that when you are only 14 years old. But at the same time I know a lot about what I want for my future. I want to be happy, to have a great job to carry on doing the things I like. I think to be able to have all that in my future I need to have a good in between like knowing which job I want to have so that my goals are more achievable.

The weird thing is that I am predicting what I’ll be in the future rather than being what I want to be. I don’t know… I have this weird feeling that I’ll be a teacher or someone who works with children, I have no idea why I think that maybe because this is the sort of environment that I live in now and I can’t think of other possibilities. I also know all the jobs I don’t know what to do for example I do not to work on computers, I don’t want to be a surgeon, a mathematician or a counsellor. But I don’t mind doing some jobs but they are not my dream job. But then when I look around not many people are actually doing their dream job.

Anyway the point is that I don’t know if I should think about my future or not. If I should plan it or not. Yeah this subject stresses me sometimes. I hope that I’m not the only one stressed about this subject. Do you know what you want to do with your future? Or did you feel the same way as me when you were a teen?

I hope you had a good day, see you next time!

EU voting in or out?

Please Please Please! Vote Remain! I am too young to vote so please make a good decision, you have our future in your hands.

Hopefully you will vote, hopefully you will make that good decision. We do not need any more complications in our lives at the moment. If you vote out and if Donal Trump becomes president our world will be very different and I do not think that this different will be a good one.  I hope you took your time and thought carefully about this important decision. We joined on the 1st of January 1973, to me that does not seem like a long time so I think we should make it a long time. I’ll be happy to vote out when the UK is a disaster and when the Pros of voting out are highly bigger than the Cons. Sometimes I wish I could vote… 😦 This is a very big day so make your decision big as well.


 Vote Remain!

Fantarica x



50 Followers+Q&A!!

This week something very nice happened to me, one morning I woke up and found out that I had reached 50 followers!!! Yay!! I am extremely thankful! Thank you for reading my posts, it means an awful lot! And as you may have seen I am not the only one who has reached 5o followers this week so congratulations to everyone who has reached 50 followers! ( I’m wanted to name some of you but I have the memory of Dory).

I want questions! Lots and lots of questions! Weird and wonderful questions!

So to celebrate the fact that I have now 50 followers I wanted to do a Q&A! I love reading other people’s Q&A so I wanted to try one myself so I want to try and answer 5o questions so please please please PLEASE comment loads of questions down below it would mean so much to me if I managed to answer 50.

Hope you are having a lovely day!

Bye! x