5 fantastic mugs.

Hey tea lovers!

As a tea lover I love looking at different mugs to drink out actually I’m obsessed. I can just imagine in my future house this top cupboard in the kitchen where there will be loads of different kind of beautiful mugs. So I was just browsing the internet and looked at some mugs and I told myself that I’m probably not the only mug lover out there so I decided to do a blog post out of it so that all of you tea lovers can admire these beautiful mugs! So I’m kinda taking you guys shopping with me without actually buying anything. I’ll put the links for each item. Let’s go shopping!

I love how they recreated a romantic pick up line. Who doesn’t love a fun quoted tea cup? Find it here.



This is just so pretty!! It looks so cosy. I would recommend this to anyone who loves cats! Find it here.


I know that this is not a mug but look at it! How cute can it get? A pug infuser!Find it here.


I just find this cup hilariously funny! The person who created this mug must of had a great sense of humour! Hopefully Kim won’t see this. Find it here.


I’m a big fan of studio ghibli so when I saw this mug I was so happy. The Sootes spirits are so cute! Find it here.il_570xN_707324941_nwbp.jpg

I hope you enjoyed going mug shopping with me! My favourite one is the last one I think it’s so sweet!

Hope you had a good day! I had a water fight in the garden as the weather is so warm in the UK, it was great fun!


Fantarica x

 (Non of these are my photos)



3 ingredient peanut butter oat squares.

As you may know I love peanut butter and when I discovered mixing peanut butter with sweet things I was on top of the world like in my peanut butter Icing post. Well today I am coming back with my mixing peanut butter with sweet things, but this time it is a very weird recipe which a lot of people will be nervous to make so only the bravest will take this great chance. Anyway let’s get on with this amazing recipe!

You will need:Cast_20160623_8831_P6230043.JPG

127grams of oats.

112grams of peanut butter

85grams of honey

You could double the quantity of mixture if you wish.

Firstly take your peanut butter and honey and melt them together. Cast_20160623_8833_P6230045.JPGBe careful the honey melts faster than the peanut butter.( I melted them by microwave). So when they are melted simply mix them with the oats until they are all covered. Then find a dish put a sheet of greaseproof paper or anything that won’t make the mixture stick and flatten the mixture on it. Leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours until it is not sticky and enjoy!

I know honey sounds weird with peanut butter but honestly it will change your life! So give it a go!