July favourites.

Yep I’m back with a monthly favourites! It feels like I haven’t made one in ages. I love monthly favourites they are my favourite kind of blog post!



1-TEA! I couldn’t make the comeback of this series without tea! I never tried this brand before and I’m impressed. It feels as if I’m drinking fancy tea, I  find the packaging so pretty and fancy with the royal botanic garden mark-print-thingy-with-the-crown. I love the taste! It’s like a super yummy strawberry tart but after a dozen of sips you completely forge about the tart and just think about how nice this tea is. (Also can we just celebrate the fact that I actually went outside to take this picture–Go me!)


2- Book: We were liars by E.Lockhart. I loved this book! A few years ago I tried to read it but I didn’t understand it so I gave up (I know weird huh) I decided to give it another go , I enjoyed it and it was totally understandable, it’s so different from what I usually read. I adored all the characters from the book they each had a different kind of personality and I could relate to a couple of characters.



3-Pastel pink nail varnish. Throughout the year I always go for darker colours but every summer I buy one bright nail varnish. And this year I chose this one, I find this one beautiful and summery and it stays on for quite a long time! I got it from TK maxx for £2, so yeah I got lucky. (The colour on the photo is darker than it should be)


4-Tilted by Christine and the queens. I love this song so much, it make me so happy. So this is a French group (which are equally amazing in French by the way) they made their way onto British radio by mixing their song with English and French, when I first heard them on the radio I was over the moon! We never hear other languages on British radio! So please please Please go and check them out!

Cast_20160727_9180_P7270196.JPG5-Stripy vans! I love these shoes so so much! I have been wearing them all month! Though at first I as worried that they were to small because they were so tight so I tortured myself for a week by wearing them all the time to make them fit, thankfully after a while they  did.


Hope you liked this post! If you have something that you really liked this month please tell me in the comments I would love to know!  Bye! Have a good day!

Fantarica xx


5 fantastic mugs.

Hey tea lovers!

As a tea lover I love looking at different mugs to drink out actually I’m obsessed. I can just imagine in my future house this top cupboard in the kitchen where there will be loads of different kind of beautiful mugs. So I was just browsing the internet and looked at some mugs and I told myself that I’m probably not the only mug lover out there so I decided to do a blog post out of it so that all of you tea lovers can admire these beautiful mugs! So I’m kinda taking you guys shopping with me without actually buying anything. I’ll put the links for each item. Let’s go shopping!

I love how they recreated a romantic pick up line. Who doesn’t love a fun quoted tea cup? Find it here.



This is just so pretty!! It looks so cosy. I would recommend this to anyone who loves cats! Find it here.


I know that this is not a mug but look at it! How cute can it get? A pug infuser!Find it here.


I just find this cup hilariously funny! The person who created this mug must of had a great sense of humour! Hopefully Kim won’t see this. Find it here.


I’m a big fan of studio ghibli so when I saw this mug I was so happy. The Sootes spirits are so cute! Find it here.il_570xN_707324941_nwbp.jpg

I hope you enjoyed going mug shopping with me! My favourite one is the last one I think it’s so sweet!

Hope you had a good day! I had a water fight in the garden as the weather is so warm in the UK, it was great fun!


Fantarica x

 (Non of these are my photos)


May Favourites

Hiya! Here I am again with my monthly favourites! I love making them so much! It helps me reflect on what I have been up to in the past month. This past month hasn’t been the best I had a lack of creativity; no ideas popped through my head and had loads of exams… But hey why am I complaining I haven’t even started my GCSEs yet! Anyway let’s get started:

1-Peach and Cherry Blossom tea by Twinnings. As you may know I am a big fan of tea and I love discovering new teas, So this month I have discovered Peach aCast_20160530_8758_P5300078.JPGnd cherry Blossom tea and It is so good and summery! When the weather get’s warmer I tend to go for more fruity kind of teas because I find that fruits smells of summer. If you have some tea recommendations I would love to hear some of them!

2-Granola. So lately I wanted to have a healthier breakfast than usual because coco pops are nice but you know… So I discoveOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAred some Granola which didn’t have any nuts or seeds because I’m not a big fan and It was so nice especially the berries. The best part of the granola was that it made my milk turn blue. I think it’s the new Alpen berry mix. As you can see on the photo here I added some bananas because bananas are bae.


3-Dangerous Women by Ariana Grande. I used to hate Ariana Grande but since she has released this song I have fallen for her,  I think that since this song her voice seems a lot more powerful. She’s great and so pretty!

4-Learning German. I couple of weeks ago I discovered the language section in the library and it just motivated me to learn some more German! I borrowed a Harry Potter book in German, it is quite hard to follow but when I understand parts I feel so proud of myself.

What were your favourites this month? I’d love to hear them! I hope you are having a lovely day. Bye!


PS: Does anyone knows how to create a good header image for my monthly favourites? (I want to keep it simple but decent).


Here I am again with my monthly favourites! Where I reflect on my interests and what I have been up to the past month! Enjoy…! 🙂 (Also I thought that this month was sooo long!)

Cheese with bits of cranberry: I never thought I would like it until I tried it, It is quite peculiar but yummy.

 Painting: Painting has became one of my new hobbies this past month I have been painting a lot! It’s not that good yet because I have just started but I am enjoying it and it is really relaxing.

Rice cakes: I have forgotten how much I love these! I used to eat them all the time when I was younger! They are really healthy and you can put anything on them!

 Walking through the forest: I just love walking, fresh air and mysteries and I think that this is a perfect description of a forest from my point of view. I could walk in a forest for hours, It’s beautiful!

Boho+Chill playlist on Spotify: I have listened to this playlist a bit to much this past month I am getting tired of their songs. It’s so “chilling” I liked listening to it whilst I did my homework or when I did Yoga. 🙂  You should look it up!

Voila my April favourites! My favourite of my favourites I think must be the Boho+chill playlist.

I am going to end this here. I hope you have a lovely and happy Week-end!


Fantarica xxx