Get to know me.

I feel like this post should be a MUST on every blog, Your blog is not complete if you don’t have 25 facts about yourself! So today I am truly completing my blog, I am doing the 25 facts about myself! You’ll probably forget most of these facts and never think about this post again because you only remember 20 % of what you read per day. ( Nah… I just made that up I have no idea which percentage it is). Let’s get on with it!

  1. I am the eldest of three brothers.
  2. I put water on my toothbrush before and after applying the toothpaste.
  3. I am a YouTube addict.
  4. I could literally eat spaghetti Heinz in a tin everyday.
  5. I love taking pictures of flowers.
  6. I thought I used to be the girl who never burns in summer but my right shoulder’s skin is pealing because of how much I left the car window open.
  7. I am passionate about wanting to help Syrian refugees.
  8. I love visiting national trust places.
  9. I’m bad at sports but I like them.
  10. I’m starting my GCSEs courses next year , I have chosen to do History, German, Psychology and Art.
  11. I love painting.
  12. I don’t get the hype everyone has over pizza, it’s nice but not amazing.
  13. I am bilingual. (I speak French and English)
  14. I am very untidy but I am organised.
  15. If I’ve sat down on my sofa and there is kids program on the TV, I have to watch it until the end before I do something else, kids tv programs are so addicting.
  16. I didn’t like the book ” All the bright places”.
  17. I’m a massive film watcher.
  18. My favourite thing to eat at the moment are potato waffles.
  19. I love singing but I can’t sing
  20. My favourite Youtuber is Shane Dawson
  21. I live in flip flops
  22. When I was little I used to daydream about meeting my idol and sometimes I would cry because the thought of meeting them made me so happy (Shout out to Johnny Depp).
  23. I love mussels and chips.
  24. After reading a book I have to wait at least 2 days before starting another, so that everything that I’ve read sinks in and that I have a lot of time to think about it.
  25. One of my biggest fears is public speaking.

And there you guys go! That was my 25 facts! I hope that you guys feel as if you know me better because that was my plan.

I’m boiling, it’s so hot in the UK today! I know that in some countries it’s twice as hot but it feels as if it can’t get warmer than this.  Shout out to anyone who is also super warm.



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