Get to know me.

I feel like this post should be a MUST on every blog, Your blog is not complete if you don’t have 25 facts about yourself! So today I am truly completing my blog, I am doing the 25 facts about myself! You’ll probably forget most of these facts and never think about this post again because you only remember 20 % of what you read per day. ( Nah… I just made that up I have no idea which percentage it is). Let’s get on with it!

  1. I am the eldest of three brothers.
  2. I put water on my toothbrush before and after applying the toothpaste.
  3. I am a YouTube addict.
  4. I could literally eat spaghetti Heinz in a tin everyday.
  5. I love taking pictures of flowers.
  6. I thought I used to be the girl who never burns in summer but my right shoulder’s skin is pealing because of how much I left the car window open.
  7. I am passionate about wanting to help Syrian refugees.
  8. I love visiting national trust places.
  9. I’m bad at sports but I like them.
  10. I’m starting my GCSEs courses next year , I have chosen to do History, German, Psychology and Art.
  11. I love painting.
  12. I don’t get the hype everyone has over pizza, it’s nice but not amazing.
  13. I am bilingual. (I speak French and English)
  14. I am very untidy but I am organised.
  15. If I’ve sat down on my sofa and there is kids program on the TV, I have to watch it until the end before I do something else, kids tv programs are so addicting.
  16. I didn’t like the book ” All the bright places”.
  17. I’m a massive film watcher.
  18. My favourite thing to eat at the moment are potato waffles.
  19. I love singing but I can’t sing
  20. My favourite Youtuber is Shane Dawson
  21. I live in flip flops
  22. When I was little I used to daydream about meeting my idol and sometimes I would cry because the thought of meeting them made me so happy (Shout out to Johnny Depp).
  23. I love mussels and chips.
  24. After reading a book I have to wait at least 2 days before starting another, so that everything that I’ve read sinks in and that I have a lot of time to think about it.
  25. One of my biggest fears is public speaking.

And there you guys go! That was my 25 facts! I hope that you guys feel as if you know me better because that was my plan.

I’m boiling, it’s so hot in the UK today! I know that in some countries it’s twice as hot but it feels as if it can’t get warmer than this.  Shout out to anyone who is also super warm.



Not worth putting a title #2

While your reading this I’m probably camping or on the way back from camping because it turned out that our tent wasn’t waterproof or I could be dead, My tent could of been struck by lightning, if that’s the case this could possibly be my last blog post.

In all honesty I don’t know what this post is going to be about I just thought that it was a good intro.

The camping trip I am on right now may not be the best one I’ve had because it’s going to be bad weather all week so…Why are we going? Basically I have to go back to school soon and that means that if we are not camping then we will not go camping at all.

I have downloaded 4 books on my kobo for the camping trip so that when it rains I won’t be bored doing nothing in the tent. I’m also taking my notebook and my sketchbook. So hopefully I will not get bored, fingers crossed.

I’m planning to take loads of photos so keep your eyes pealed for a photography post.

Last time I went camping I got this rubbish sleeping bag where I was colder in it than on it. I woke up a few times in the night so I hardly slept. This time I’ll thankfully have a warmer one.

Honestly I don’t even know why I’m telling you all this… Is this interesting? Probably not. I’m sorry if it’s not.

If I’ve bored you, you should go listen to Christine and the Queens she will not bore you at all, I’m obsessed.

My brother is reading everything that I’m writing out loud. He says “It’s true”. He’s laughing now.

Change of subject:

Last week I got stung by a bee! Two days before I had a conversation with a friend about bees and I told them that I hadn’t got stung for a long time. So never say that because it might just happen.

Basically I was sitting on a bench in a park, I heard loads of buzzes around me, I told my friend that I wasn’t so sure about this place, She said that we would be fine. But after 1 minute a bee flew in my face. It didn’t sting me though, I thought it was gone but it was hiding in my hair. So after about a minute it buzzed in my hair and I FREAKED out. Normally I would just wait for it to go. But I shacked my hair and it stung me. It felt like blood was running down my head. It must of been his venom. I ran away from the bench screaming trying to get rid of it but it wasn’t going away. So I hit my head with my jacket which is so stupid, I told you I freaked out… Plus there were people walking near us… ugh so embarrassing.

When I finally managed to get it out my friend took out the sting out of my head, thank god she had long nails. I felt sorry for the bee because I didn’t want him to die. So for 10 minutes I felt guilty.

Yep that’s my bee story.

Do you have any bee stories? I’d love to hear them

Bye! Have a nice day!





The French goes shoppping!

HEY!It’s a beautiful day today! Nice and warm , I hope where you are the weather is nice! I told you in my last post my friend from France was coming! YAY! Well she’s here! Let’s call her Lola. She always wanted to be called Lola when she was little.

Anyway Lola and me went to visit a nice big city, we went to an art museum which was beautiful plus it was free! Then we went shopping! To be honest we visited a bit too many shops, basically there was the main shopping centre but there wasn’t any Primarks , bearing in mind that we had already walked a lot and we weren’t quite sure how to get back to the train station so we went to ask two girls who were carrying a Primark bag where the shop was, and then we went to Primark which was quite far away so at the end of shopping our feet were hurting like mad. By the way the two girls were fantastic at giving directions!

Anyway we thought that it would be a good idea to show you what we bought! 🙂

(Hopefully you can see all the photos because lately I’ve been having quite a few problems with uploading photos, I don’t know why).

This is what Lola bought:

(I’ll be translating what she says, keep in mind that I will not be the one talking.)



#Facetheday by COLLECTION

I wanted a palette like this for a long time but I couldn’t find one which was good and quite cheap. My favourite colour is the one next to the pale pink blusher I guess, It’s a nice suttle shimmery gold colour . (boots)


Think Pink by Lush.

I’ve never been in a Lush Store so I really wanted to get a bath bomb, simple.




I’ve been in quite a few shops looking for this nice dark green colour but none had it even Sephora didn’t, theirs wasn’t pretty. When I saw this one in KIKO was perfect I was over the moon! It was only 1£.



I love the cut on this t-shirt and the faded grey or black.




Very Pink by Impulse.

We don’t have this brand in France so I just wanted to try it out. (boots)




All the t-shirts I’ve bought are from Primark in this haul. Haha

Okay so in this photo the t-shirt kind of looks like a bat. Anyway there’s like holes on the arms. ( I don’t know how we call those) I also like the flares on the arms.


Cast_20160813_9445_P8130114.JPGCamouflage Jacket.

So I love all the camouflagy things at the moment! So yeah I couldn’t resist this Jacket. The Jacket looks better in real life.



What can I say I love jewellery!


Well that’s her hall done let’s get on to mine! As you will notice our sense of style is quite different!

Butterball by Lush.

I chose the butterball bomb so that my skin will go all soft. I’m planning to use it on the last day of the holidays. I was so happy to find out that they are against animal testing.


Bronze Glow by COLLECTION

I love this so much it must be my favourite makeup bit. Though I don’t have any brushes, I can still use my fingers. hahaha, It’s a beautiful light shimmery bronzer it’s kind of like a cross of highlighter and a bronzer.



I had a big crush on this nail varnish, I just couldn’t resist. It’s a nude with gold shimmers. (Kiko)



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Tea tree witch hazel Charcoal mask. Let me tell you a funny story about this mask, basically at first we were going to share it but at the till. The women told us that there was an offer, they had a buy one get one free. So she got us another one! We were lucky. Things like this makes my day 100x better. (boots)



I love this kind of boho style at the moment as you can see with the bracelets which I got from Primark.




They are not pyjamas! My family keeps on telling me that they are. Okay on their own they kind of look like them but I’m sure that I can rock them with a nice pair of black jeans. (Primark)






I haven’t been to Germany yet but when I do I’ll wear this T-shirt! (Primark)





I don’t wear a lot of bright colours but this one had a nice cut so why not? (Primark)






A nice summery light green t-shirt, I love the cut and simply how airy it is. (Primark)



I think that’s it! I just realized that I should probably stop buying T-shirts and buy warmer stuff instead. I think it was a successful shopping trip usually I don’t buy this much but this time I found a lot of things that I liked. My favourite purchase must be the highlighter/bronzer it makes my skin so shiny and glowy I love it! I’ve never done a haul on my blog  I think, do you guys like hauls?

Have a nice day! Bye!

Lola & Fantarica x

Ramble Scramble Bramble.

This post is going to be about whatever comes to mind!

YAY!!!! The Olympics have started! I loved the opening ceremony, I liked how it was about global warming and taking care of the earth together, I thought that planting a giant tree was a brilliant Idea! I had to watch the ceremony on replay the next morning because it was at night time. The time difference kind of sucks .I’m very happy that they have made a refugee team! I got quite emotional about that, I hope that they’ll do well, it will be great for their future and the future of there families. Plus it gives a lot of hope to other refugees. I’m probably going to support there team. My favourite sports to watch on the Olympics are Weightlifting, Diving ( Those men are so hot…) and synchronised swimming. What are you favourites?

So two weeks ago as you may know I went camping, I went on the beach and went stone picking so I painted TOTORO on a rock!! I love Totoro so much he is such a


loving character! He’s a spirit in the film “My neighbour Totoro” which is one of my favourite films ever I could watch it over and over again. It’s a shame that not many people know who he is. I was on Instagram the other day and there was this picture of Totoro in form of a bed and nobody knew who he was! They all thought that he was simply a big cute cat. 😦

Yesterday I went swimming! I haven’t been swimming for so long maybe more than a year! Because each time I was meant to be swimming I was on my period so yeah that sucks. But this time I wasn’t on my period and I could go swimming! It was so nice just playing around in the pool unsuccessfully trying to teach my brother to swim. After that we had a barbecue yay! I made this sort of banana split-smore thingy. Basically I opened up the banana and I put two pieces of chocolate and a marshmallow then I wrapped it up with tin foil and chucked it on the barbecue. Just let me tell you that this was proper FOODPORN, how everything just melted in your mouth… mmmm.. It’s better than cake.

My best friend from France is coming Tuesday and I am so SO excited!!! I might make posts with her but I’m not sure yet. She is extremely bad at talking English so it’s going to be a funny experience. I’m quite nervous for her because she’s taking the plane for the first time alone to a place where she won’t be able to understand anything! Send her telepathic luck please!

That’s all of my Ramble Scramble Bramble! I’m sorry if the title was to cringy for you. I hope you are having a great summer and that you are having loads of barbecues! BYE!!

Fantarica x


July favourites.

Yep I’m back with a monthly favourites! It feels like I haven’t made one in ages. I love monthly favourites they are my favourite kind of blog post!



1-TEA! I couldn’t make the comeback of this series without tea! I never tried this brand before and I’m impressed. It feels as if I’m drinking fancy tea, I  find the packaging so pretty and fancy with the royal botanic garden mark-print-thingy-with-the-crown. I love the taste! It’s like a super yummy strawberry tart but after a dozen of sips you completely forge about the tart and just think about how nice this tea is. (Also can we just celebrate the fact that I actually went outside to take this picture–Go me!)


2- Book: We were liars by E.Lockhart. I loved this book! A few years ago I tried to read it but I didn’t understand it so I gave up (I know weird huh) I decided to give it another go , I enjoyed it and it was totally understandable, it’s so different from what I usually read. I adored all the characters from the book they each had a different kind of personality and I could relate to a couple of characters.



3-Pastel pink nail varnish. Throughout the year I always go for darker colours but every summer I buy one bright nail varnish. And this year I chose this one, I find this one beautiful and summery and it stays on for quite a long time! I got it from TK maxx for £2, so yeah I got lucky. (The colour on the photo is darker than it should be)


4-Tilted by Christine and the queens. I love this song so much, it make me so happy. So this is a French group (which are equally amazing in French by the way) they made their way onto British radio by mixing their song with English and French, when I first heard them on the radio I was over the moon! We never hear other languages on British radio! So please please Please go and check them out!

Cast_20160727_9180_P7270196.JPG5-Stripy vans! I love these shoes so so much! I have been wearing them all month! Though at first I as worried that they were to small because they were so tight so I tortured myself for a week by wearing them all the time to make them fit, thankfully after a while they  did.


Hope you liked this post! If you have something that you really liked this month please tell me in the comments I would love to know!  Bye! Have a good day!

Fantarica xx