5 fantastic mugs.

Hey tea lovers!

As a tea lover I love looking at different mugs to drink out actually I’m obsessed. I can just imagine in my future house this top cupboard in the kitchen where there will be loads of different kind of beautiful mugs. So I was just browsing the internet and looked at some mugs and I told myself that I’m probably not the only mug lover out there so I decided to do a blog post out of it so that all of you tea lovers can admire these beautiful mugs! So I’m kinda taking you guys shopping with me without actually buying anything. I’ll put the links for each item. Let’s go shopping!

I love how they recreated a romantic pick up line. Who doesn’t love a fun quoted tea cup? Find it here.



This is just so pretty!! It looks so cosy. I would recommend this to anyone who loves cats! Find it here.


I know that this is not a mug but look at it! How cute can it get? A pug infuser!Find it here.


I just find this cup hilariously funny! The person who created this mug must of had a great sense of humour! Hopefully Kim won’t see this. Find it here.


I’m a big fan of studio ghibli so when I saw this mug I was so happy. The Sootes spirits are so cute! Find it here.il_570xN_707324941_nwbp.jpg

I hope you enjoyed going mug shopping with me! My favourite one is the last one I think it’s so sweet!

Hope you had a good day! I had a water fight in the garden as the weather is so warm in the UK, it was great fun!


Fantarica x

 (Non of these are my photos)



Lovely camping.

You may be wondering why I have posted this post later than usual ( well actually I don’t think you really what time I publish my post but let’s pretend that you are wondering 😉 )…

Well let me tell you! I’ve just come home from a camping trip! yay!! I don’t often go camping because I used to hate it, I can’t remember why but I just did. To my surprise I actually really enjoyed it! The weather was rather good. We stayed in a campsite with the view of the sea so we could just walk down there! I even went for a bit of a swim… It was a bit cold but you know it’s England what do you expect. I felt like we were a typical English family spending summer next to the sea with my dad being a bit to proud of his camping equipment and going into the sea even though the water was freezing. Anyway I’m going to show you some of the photos that me and my family took because well there’s quite a few and some I find really pretty!

This was our tent, just basically a basic tent with the side of my head.


This was me trying to be cool like all those girls on Instagram, but those girls do not have a brother swimming in the background of their photos so they should be jealous of me.Cast_20160726_9131_P7260147.JPG

Same thing happened here me trying to be cool but I think this time I succeeded!


This was our view from the campsite, I think that on this picture the water looked so still and calm. Also it was just before a heap of rain.



Cast_20160727_9176_P7270192.JPGOkay I know this photo is not straight but I’m to lazy to edit it. We went to visit this beautiful national trust house with beautiful gardens. I love visiting this sorts of places! Here are some pictures of the house and garden:






I love flowers by the way if you haven’t noticed.







And back to the beach photos!

Me and my brother.

I mentioned about the lovely view we had from the campsite! I had never seen a prettier sunset than this one!


And to accompany my sunset watching I drank a nice Honey and Camomile tisane.

I know it’s in a plastic cup, It was easier because you didn’t have to do the washing up afterwards.#lazy


I think that’s all the photos that I need to show you! I have to many to show you all of them.  What are you doing for your Holidays? Are you going somewhere? Also tell me if you can see all the photos.

I’m going to drink some tea now, Bye! Hope you are having a great day!


Origami challenge-ish

Hello blog readers!

In my blog there is my first blog post hidden. My first blog post was origami butterflies. Basically 2 years ago I wanted to start a blog so I made this butterfly origami post for my first blog post, but the problem was when I had a blog I didn’t understand anything so I gave up. This year I tried again and I reposted the post for my first blog post. Anyway the point of that post was to be able to do a quick and easy origami because I was very bad at origami.

When I was a little I used to get so annoyed because all my friends were able to do them but not me.

Well today I’m going to try again and challenge myself! To see if I’m better than I was when I was a kid.


Basically… I gave up because it got too complicated for my simple mind.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg


Same happened here…

PicMonkeyj Collage.jpg


Yeah I remember why I hated them and why I was so bad at them and still am. I just gave up on of all the origamis… Also here I got a tiny bit mad.  This one looked incredibly hard to do.

PicMonkey Ckollage.jpg


Things I have learnt today:

  1. I now remember why I hated origami.
  2. Don’t be ashamed of not being able to do them.
  3. I don’t have much patience.
  4. I learnt how to write 1 butterflY and 2 butterflIES.

Are you good at origaming? because I’m not!

Hope your having a great day!





So about a month ago I reached 50 followers which I was extremely grateful about. So to celebrate I asked you to give me loads of questions so this is me answering them! Enjoy!

Do you see yourself blogging in five years?

Honestly I don’t think so, I think I’ll have other things on my mind, If I am blogging in five years I will probably take some long pauses. But you know anything could happen!

What’s the best part about blogging?

For me the best part is having people leave lovely comments on your posts. It just makes me so happy! 🙂

What’s a day that you can remember where you just felt happy for ages?

I can’t really remember a specific day but one of the day where I do feel happy is when it’s raining outside and me and my family have nothing to do so we just watch films together or play loads of board games.

What’s a conversation you had with someone that stuck in your mind?

I think it’s when I talked to someone who had completely different beliefs of the world’s peace and we had different opinions on what is important and what is not. I’m not going to tell you the conversation. But maybe it already happened to you. The conversation just leaves you feeling shocked.

Does this dress makes my butt look fat?

The fatter your butt the better! 😉

Do you watch CSI NY?

I don’t.

Have you ever watched anime?

I have when I was little I used to be obsessed with Pokémon and as I got older I discovered the films by Studio Ghibli which I completely adore! Also I used to watch Fairy tale.

Cat or dog?

I think I might be more of a cat person.

 When did you start your blog?

I started my blog in march or February I think.

If the ship that ships ships ship ships to a ship store, then what ship would be the ship that ship ships to the ship store?

The 3rd one? I don’t know I’m so bad at these sort of questions, tell me in the comments if I’m right.

What is your favourite blog post that you have ever done?

.This one.

What’s one of the most inspiring/beautiful moments which have changed your life in some way and you will never ever forget?

Probably meeting my best friend in year 5, without her I don’t know what kind of person I would be today, we have created so many wonderful memories together.

What would be your favourite holiday destination and why?

Germany because as I am learning the language I want to learn more about the culture. Otherwise I’d like to go to the Seychelles because well who doesn’t?

If you could invent a word what would it be and what would it mean?

Clachen, It would mean that when you don’t feel like walking you just say that word and then two random people comes and carry you to the place you want to go. It would only work for special people like me and the queen.

 What/who (if you have one) is your blogging inspiration?

I don’t think that I actually have one but the ones that inspire me are the ones that can write anything and it is still interesting.

16.If you had to eat one type of food (it can be a dish!) for the rest of your life what would it be?

It will have to be Ice cream! I know I’m such a kid.

Dream job?

Working in a charity to help refugees or advertising\selling things around the world.

What motivates you to write blog posts/do other things?

Not wanting to fall into boredom or saying “Oh if I do this I’ll be happy with myself!”

What is the most unusual conversation you have ever had?

Oh god… It was by text message and this guy pretended that a super vilain was talking to me on his phone and this super villain was a girl and “she said” that she was his girlfriend and other bunch of weird stuff. But the strangest part is that he never admitted to me that it was a joke or anything well I didn’t know because he is not the average kind of person you meet everyday,the next day he acted completely normal like nothing had happened.

What is your proudest achievement this year?

Finding ways to make myself happy with any life quality.

What is your favourite part about nature?

The trees, the colours and the fresh air!


I hope you enjoyed learning more about me! Q&As are actually harder than I thought they were!

Fantarica x


The sofa tag.

I love my sofa so much so I decided to make a Tag with him!

Where did you 1st meet your sofa?

Ooh…I remember this day perfectly, me and my family were walking around Ikea and found this perfect sofa, but it was to expensive so we looked for another one and this is were we saw this charming sofa, I was quite shy at first as I didn’t know what type he was, but when we tested him out we knew that he was going to be the one.

What was our first date?

Awe.. I wonder if he remembers.. I think our first date must of been while watching a film to celebrate his arrival.

What was your first impression?

My first impressions were that he was good looking and comfy.

What do you argue about the most?

I think we argue about me eating on him because once I spilled some pasta on him and I don’t think he was very happy… oops.

Do we have a tradition?

Usually we like when I sit on him which is every single day, I guess we could call that a tradition. (By the way I’m sitting on him right now)

When did I meet the family?

Well I guess we made his family ;All his little pillows which we gave him are adorable! Or when we went to Ikea.


Ok ok ok ok It’s a Joke. I made a parody of the boyfriend tag. I’m sorry if some of you thought I was serious. This is my 1st joky post on this site so yeah if my humour isn’t that funny remember that I don’t practise it that much but I had a great laugh while making it. I nominate anyone who wants to do this Tag, You can choose a different object if you want, Haha. (As if I know loads of people who would love to do it)

Have a good day and show some love to your sofa!


Fantarica xx



3 ingredient peanut butter oat squares.

As you may know I love peanut butter and when I discovered mixing peanut butter with sweet things I was on top of the world like in my peanut butter Icing post. Well today I am coming back with my mixing peanut butter with sweet things, but this time it is a very weird recipe which a lot of people will be nervous to make so only the bravest will take this great chance. Anyway let’s get on with this amazing recipe!

You will need:Cast_20160623_8831_P6230043.JPG

127grams of oats.

112grams of peanut butter

85grams of honey

You could double the quantity of mixture if you wish.

Firstly take your peanut butter and honey and melt them together. Cast_20160623_8833_P6230045.JPGBe careful the honey melts faster than the peanut butter.( I melted them by microwave). So when they are melted simply mix them with the oats until they are all covered. Then find a dish put a sheet of greaseproof paper or anything that won’t make the mixture stick and flatten the mixture on it. Leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours until it is not sticky and enjoy!

I know honey sounds weird with peanut butter but honestly it will change your life! So give it a go!


Chit chat kinda post…

So today I just wanted to talk about random stuff because I haven’t done that for a long while, I want this post to be a bit more relaxed so that I can think if the things that I want to day which are patiently waiting to come out inside my head. Anyway let the randomness start!

Last week in my school we had this week called activities week where we could choose a thing to do for a week it could of been travel, sports, science etc… I chose fashion! I find it weird because I didn’t know anything about fashion before this week I could hardly sow! I was a bit nervous about it at the beginning but it turned out to be great! On Monday we went to the V&A in London which is the biggest fashion museum in the world it was beautiful and so posh! I felt out of place exploring nice clothes surrounded by posh fashion experts!

These are the tie and dye clothes that I made:

The fashion may have opened me to a new interest: making clothes, I have never tried anything like this before and I want to find out more about it so I’m going to buy some fabric and loads of sewing materials and try to make clothes! I’ll update you guys if I managed to make some haha.

At the moment it is raining and I feel so cosy ! Sometimes I just love rain! I really want to have a nice cup of green tea to accompany my cosyness but I’ve run out of it! 😦 and I hate normal tea.

I have been preparing this speech for the past few days for my GCSEs, it’s about Syrian Refugees coming to our country and I’ve been so passionate about it so I’m quite happy with myself which is surprising because I hate anything to do with talking in front of the whole class , It’s so nerve-racking!  Hopefully it will be just fine :).

Also I have one week and a half left of school and then I’m free like a bird at last! I’m so excited!!!!

If any of you watched the football last night, the only good thing about it was when the moth landed on Ronaldo’s head.


Fantarica x