EU voting in or out?

Please Please Please! Vote Remain! I am too young to vote so please make a good decision, you have our future in your hands.

Hopefully you will vote, hopefully you will make that good decision. We do not need any more complications in our lives at the moment. If you vote out and if Donal Trump becomes president our world will be very different and I do not think that this different will be a good one.  I hope you took your time and thought carefully about this important decision. We joined on the 1st of January 1973, to me that does not seem like a long time so I think we should make it a long time. I’ll be happy to vote out when the UK is a disaster and when the Pros of voting out are highly bigger than the Cons. Sometimes I wish I could vote… 😦 This is a very big day so make your decision big as well.


 Vote Remain!

Fantarica x




5 thoughts on “EU voting in or out?”

  1. I wish we could have voted, our futures in people’s hands that we have no control over. Today has marked a massive change in British history. We would have been stronger in. Totally agree with you ❤

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