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Matched: Book Review (No spoilers)

Hello to all the book worms out there!

“Why are some things easier to write than say”

I wanted to write a book review for quite a long time now but as I am a very slow reader I don’t write them that often. Oh and I just want to add that while I am writing this review I am boiling with my hands who are all sweaty touching the warm computer’s keyboard.

Anyway let’s begin with review:

(not my image but I love it!)

Matched by Ally Condie

1st book of the trilogy.

3.5/5 stars. (My opinion)

366 Pages.

Important characters : Cassia, Ky and Xander.

I gave this book a 3/5 because for me it is not a memorable book (for me anyway) . I wanted to read this book for a long time because a lot of people said it was a really good book. I was highly disappointed I found that nothing much happened in the book, It is very slow, I know that this is a series but I think that something really exciting should happen in the first book to get the reader wanting to carry on. One thing that I loved about the book was that they were great quotes and metaphors.

” I am trapped in glass and I want to break out and breathe deep but I’m afraid that it will hurt.”

I liked the relationships that the characters had between each other and how each character developed throughout the book especially Cassia the main character.

If you have ever read the Giver, this book is very VERY similar to it, It’s basically the same but with a different storyline. So if you are a fan of the giver you will love this book! I also read this book I think is because it is a Dystopian novel. I am pretty sure that dystopian novels can speak to me or control me because through this past year I have read loads of them! At least 10!

Here are some reviews to get you excited if you want to read it:

“Matched is the hottest YA title to hit the bookstores since hunger games”~ Entertainment Weekly

“Unmissable”~ Marie Closer

“Teen read of the year”~ Irish independent.

Would I read the other books? Probably not unless I don’t have anything else to read.

I hope this book review was helpful to you. Have a good day!


Fantarica xxx


Not worth putting a title on

I’m supposed to be doing Homework but you know… Homework < Blog post.

Today is quite a nice day the sun is shining the birds are singing and I’m here on my computer writing a blog post instead of going outside or doing homework. You know when you haven’t done a lot of homework and it has to be done quick so you search up tips on how to revise and memorise but by the time you have searched it up you could have done half of your homework already, so yeah here’s a tip Do Not do that!

I don’t think that this post will be a proper one, it will only be about the little things in life.

Oh by the way right now I’m listening to an acoustic cover of Set fire to the rain by Noah Guthrie and it is great when you are chilling! Also I wanted to say that I love the song I see fire but not when Ed Sheeran sings it, I think that the female voice suits this song better.

Yesterday I went for a walk and took a nice photo which I’m really proud of. 🙂 So I’ve put it as my header image, but I find it does not goes quite well with the background so I want to change the background but I don’t know what to put. Well here’s the photo:


I wanted to share this photo with you because I feel like I haven’t took a good photo in ages so I was very proud with this.

Yesterday evening I found a great yoga course called Bedtime yoga and it was so relaxing after that I had a nice green tea and read a book (Dead girls don’t lie).

Oh and my strawberry plant is growing strawberries! So I’m really excited about that!

Hope you are having a lovely day! Bye!

Fantarica xxx

How to learn a language.

Hello to all the people having the time to read what I am about to say!

Being able to speak different languages can be really helpful especially if you want to get a job where some languages are required or if you want to spend a holiday abroad, they are loads of cases where speaking more than one or two language is important but we don’t really know where to start sometimes or where to keep going.

Sometimes you will not always be in the mood of learning the language but that’s okay you are aloud to take breaks!

So here are some tips and tricks to learn the language:

  • If you can’t remember a word write it on your hand so each time you will look at your hand you will remember the word.
  • Buy a dictionary, There are some really cheap ones on EBay.
  • Make a Spotify playlist with the songs in the language that you are learning, then when you don’t feel like learning but you know you have to you can put this playlist on.
  • When listening to a song write down all the words you manage to catch and then find out there meaning.
  • Try and have some fun learning the language otherwise you’ll be more likely to stop.
  • In the beginning of your learning, learn a new word everyday.
  • Try and read some quotes or short stories out loud to improve your accent.
  • Learn how to conjugate when you can easily recognise the language it will be a tiny bit easier.
  • http://www.languagesonline.org.uk/Hotpotatoes/Index.htm   <— Is a internet site to help you learn languages. Best language site that I have been on.
  • If you are bored there is an app called Duolingo you can try out, personally I think that I doesn’t work much and I got bored of it really quickly but many people have a different opinion from mine.
  • Have a penpal , Don’t have one straight away you should try and have one when you can communicate in the language and understand a lot of words if you want to learn a language this should be one of your last things to do.
  • Watch videos of youtubers  on YouTube  in the language you are learning .
  • Try and get a book in the language you want to learn (I got one from my library) even if you don’t understand anything there will be some words you’ll understand! Have a dictionary by your side and each word you don’t know the meaning of look it up!

I find languages and different cultures beautiful so I think it is worth taking the time learning about them. Plus you will be proud of yourself when you have learnt a language! At the moment,I am learning German at school and by myself too I do that because then I will be able to get better marks.I hope that these tips will help you! If you have other tips and tricks please write them down in the comments! 🙂

Bye! Au revoir! Auf Wiedersehen! Adios! Do widzenia!

Fantarica xxx


Eurovison Song contest 2016

Hey! Today I just wanted to have a chitchat with some of you guys about the Eurovision!

You may have heard that the Eurovision song contest was yesterday, It is a big contest throughout Europe where each country choose a song to sing for there country and hope to win.

You may have guessed that I am a HUGE Eurovision Fan! And I vote each year for my favourite song. ( They never win though haha)

If you’ve been watching it for over a year you will have noticed that a few things has changed some good some bad. The first thing is that the voting system has changed and let me tell you it is so stressful!! One moment you think that a country is going to win for sure the next everything changes. The second thing is that this year I was quite disappointed with the singers… Ok I know all them were fantastic but that’s the problem! Non of them were bad so the voting was so hard! Also I think that most of the songs were pop songs and nearly non of them represented their country. But I managed to settle on Israel, I loved him so much! He was fantastic! Made of stars -Hovi star. Israel came 14th with 135 points which is not that bad. here is all the results and points so go and check them out.

One thing that caught my eye was him! If they we could have voted for the hottest person on stage too, He would have definitely have won! I mean look at him! He is called Douwe Bob he sang for the Netherlands and camedouwe bob.png 11.

Apparently in the semi-finals he stopped for 10 seconds in the song to receive applause but there was only an awkward silence hahaha I just find hilarious.


Also England did quite bad as usual, I thought they were rubbish.

Oh and it took place in Stockholm in Sweden and The presenters for once were really funny! Sweden did a great job for organising the Eurovision! 🙂

Otherwise Germany came last unfortunately, I think they would have done a lot better if they hadn’t had the singer they had; I think she was aiming to be an amine character which is a shame because she is supposed to represent Germany not Japan.

Oh and of course the winner ( I very nearly forgot I started writing my outro) So Ukraine Won! Youpi! For once I wasn’t disappointed with the winner, she was very good and the presentation was beautiful! Jamala-1944

I love her dress!


I think I’ll stop here otherwise I’ll speak about it all day. Oh and this was all entirely my opinion so I hope that I didn’t offend anyone with what I said. Please write down in the comments who was your favourite I’d love to hear it! 🙂