Staying Hydrated…

I know you know that you need to drink more.

Drinking water can be quite hard for some people espeacelly for those who don’t like water much and the people who do not care when they feel that their mouth is dry because they are simply used to it like me.

But now everything is changing I am on a quest! I am going to drink a lot more water and be healthier. You are probably thinking that you should to so we are on a quest.

Here are some benifical facts about what water does to you to get us motivated:

  1. It gets rid of bags under your eyes.
  2. It gets rid of pimples.
  3. It makes you healthier.
  4. You won’t have as much headaches as you used to.
  5. You will be more energised than usual while working out.

The only reason not to drink water is you will pee a lot more but most people shouldn’t mind that and this is all for a good cause o this should not be a problem.

If you don’t like water here are some ways to spice it up:

You could drink tea instead it’s really hydrating, if you don’t like tea force yourself to drink at least 3 cups sometimes you just need some getting used to. I would recommend drinking green tea as it is the most beneficial and the nicest!

water-686917__180Otherwise you could try lemon water, It is super healthy and easy! All you have to do is cut pieces of lemon and put them in your water to have a nice fresh lemony taste, It seems weird at 1st but then it’s delicious! ( you could do the same with mint)

To help you, you could also try water drinking apps but personally those apps didn’t work for me.

Or you could set yourself times of the day when you have to drink water ; 3:20 drink one glass.

I think this all I have to get you motivated to drink water so now it is all up to you!


Fantarica xxx





Peanut butter Icing!

Something really exciting happened yesterday!

I made Peanut Butter icing! I know this may sound a bit weird to some people but… God It was THE BEST ICING that I have ever made!

I heard that Americans liked mixing sweet with salty I don’t think I have done this mixture before, at this point my mind was swimming into the thoughts of peanut butter-jelly sandwich. As you can guess this was my Eureka moment when the peanut butter icing was floating pass in my head.

Anyway I decided to make it:

You will need:

  • A small bowl
  • one big tablespoon of Peanut butter
  • A tiny bit of butter ( a small cube)
  • 150g of sifted sugar
  • Cupcakes (obviously)

What you will need to do:

Firstly put a tablespoon of peanut butter in a small microwaveable bowl with the 10g of butter for around 20-30 seconds at full temperature.

Mix the sifted Icing sugar with the butters. Now, I imagine that your icing is quite thick, add tablespoons of water until you get to the consistency of your choice.

And now all you have to do is try to put the icing neatly on your cupcakes! I think you could use a Piping bag, I used a spatula so it was to stick the peanut butter on my cupcakes. Oh and don’t forget to add some sprinkles!

I hope you enjoy this Icing as much as I do! Here is one of my cupcake masterpieces!



Fantarica xxx



A to Z. How to survive your period.

You know the days when you are looking like this?

period(Well you do not exactly look like this, you look worse, this is just a nicer example.)                                                                                                      Yep you know it girl, I am talking about having your period. Periods can be really difficult at times but do not worry, I am here to help! Here I made a list of things you can use or do to survive your period…




Disney films.



Get out of the house.


Ice cream!

Just eat all you can.

Katze videos

Love yourself.









Uptown funk song to give you a bit more energy.

Voices to help you cope ( I’ve run out of Ideas)

Water bottle. (hot)

Xxx (loads of kisses) (Run out of Ideas once again)




Maybe this has helped you through your hard time of suffering but most likely it hasn’t, You probably don’t understand most of it but I do mostly. This sort of challenge that I gave myself was harder than I thought it would be. (I am sorry for the people who are a bit sensitive or embarrassed by this subject )By the way I started writing this when I was on my period, it gave me hope.

Fantarica xxx


My week of happiness

This week I have been trying to be as happy as possible. I have given myself this challenge because most times when I go back to school I feel incredibly  unhappy and I also want to enjoy school as much as the holidays. I feel if I did this my life in general will be happier. So I wanted to experiment what it was like for a week by thinking positive and doing things I love. So here how it went:

Nothing can make you truly happy apart from Yourself.

Day 1: I didn’t write it down so I forgot.

Day 2: I’m feeling great! I have a new app called grow your tree focus I think, It basically helps you stop your addiction to your phone.  I have decorated my room and played the piano for a long time today. The week is going great so far. I am HAPPY!

Day 3: This morning I woke up and saw that it was raining and remembered that I had P.E. At first I realised a long sigh but then I remembered it was my happiness week, I shouldn’t let  rain and P.E make me unhappy instead I tried to see them as beautiful things. At the end of the day I felt down I even broke down ( wait…maybe that was a bit to much happiness) so to cheer me up I started drawing and listening to music. I hadn’t drawn for so long! At that point I was still feeling down but I was appreciating the time spent with myself. I think I am beginning to fail this challenge… I am resisting the temptation of going on my phone, if I don’t resist I am sure that It won’t make me any happier.

Day 4: I  feel completely normal, I am not happy or sad. Oh by the way my dad yesterday made some mussels so that cheered me up a lot.              17:10: I feel happy once again YAY! I figured having 40 minutes a day when I come back from school without touching my phone is really healthy for me; I do things that normally I would be to lazy to do like tidying my bedroom. I think what also made me happy was playing with my brother for half an hour but the main reason was that there was a storm and when there are storms I get so excited! I have come to realise It is mostly the things around me that makes me happy.

Day 5 : The day was boring and now I am a bit shouty. I am cross for no reason. this “journal” has got me realise that through a week I am on a rollercoaster of emotions. It is not possible for me to always be happy. Maybe being less lazy brings me happiness.

Day 6: For the whole day I was my normal self. Though I was quite happy when I was painting and when I watched Britain’s got talent.

What have I learnt?

I have learnt that it is impossible to be happy non-stop, but that is okay because we are only human. So feeling sad is okay you just need to know what to do to lift you up again. Spend some time with your family. Family is the source of happiness. I have discovered that spending time away from my phone made me happier because then you find other things to do instead! Another way I have discovered to keep myself happy is to be organised ; Keep your room tidy, do your homework. But I think happiness will only work if you are enthusiastic about it. Being enthusiastic is very important, be enthusiastic for the little things in life. When you wake up be ready for the day, think of the things you are looking forward to.

Remember: happiness is not found by lying in your bed all day thinking of how to be happy.

It was quite funny keeping a journal of my emotions, I was excited coming back from school to write in it. I think I may try other challenges like this one in the future. It was fun! If you have any Ideas for weekly challenges please comment them down below and I will do some of them. I may try something adventurous next time.

I hope you all had a pretty awesome day! keep smiling!

( I said the word happy way to many times)

  • *Gives you a hug of happiness*



Fantarica xxx



Feeling a bit musical…

Music is one of my everyday needs I cannot go one day without music so here are 10 reasons to love music!

1-It is a way to disconnect with everything around.

2-It makes you feel good.

3-It’s fun.

4-It expresses loads of emotions (sadness,happiness, love) and there is always one song where you can relate to!

5- Singers and musicians are most of the time good looking 😉 (jb or taylor swift)

guitar-946701__1806-You can enjoy it even if you don’t play any instruments!

7-There are plenty of different genres of music! (personally my favourite is indie)

8-You can sing along to music! and that is just the best!

9-When you listen to music you can do anything at the same time.

10- And finally the last one ; It is a beautiful piece of Art.

If you agreed with my 10 reasons here are some songs that I love at the moment:

 G-Eazy x Bebe Rexha –Me, Myself &I

Oh Wonder-Drive


Well I hoped you liked this fun little blog post, music for me is a really important part of my life I find it really beautiful. What is your favourite kind of music?

Fantarica xxx