The Famous About Page.

I just found out that the about page was the most important pages of all. Well you will probably be let down by this about page because firstly I can’t even fit the about page properly into the about section. Secondly I am not the best at technologie and thirdly I am a beginner and you will see a lot more better abouts than the one you are about to read but if you have the courage to stick along so be it…

This Blog is all about various subjects from my deepest thoughts ( well propably not my “deepest” but you know…anyway it’s about my thoughts ) to book reviews. Also there are an awful lot of quotes . Quotes and words are important to me and should be important to everyone.

Let see what more to say… I post one blog post per week on Fridays and one quote every monday I think one day I will move to two posts a week because I have a lot of posts scheduled but at the moment I do not have the courage in case I run out of Ideas.

Wait a minute: * looks for other about pages to find inspiration* *Just realised that you don’t have to have a long about page*.

Anyway let me tell you more about me…

I get bored a lot so that is one of the reasons why I started this blog the other reason is that I wanted to try and connect with people and read other blogs. Oh I forgot the third reason is that I want to improve my writing because I think being a good writer can be really important in life.

I am a 14 years old teen who daydreams most of the time of the most weird and random things. ( I put my age because it bugs me so much when I don’t know the blogger’s age!)

I am on a journey to positivness (I dont even know if it’s a word) and hapiness.

I like many things like crafts, food, stories, Fairies, love etc…

Well I think this is all I can think of for my about page So I think this is the time that I should end it.

Good bye!

Fantarica xxx




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