Today’s quote I find really sad and I think that it is one of the most shocking quotes I have ever read. It really did struck me. I pictured it so clear in my head.♡

~ The smallest coffins are the heaviests.~

Fantarica xxx


Happy Easter.

Personally I am not a religious person, but I thank the Christians to bring us this religious holiday! It is a great opportunity to spend time with your family Since about a week people have been posting the story of Easter and why we have Easter and I thank them to share this knowledge with the world! but I don’t know why chocolate?

I think it is great to have a break and be unhealthy for a week! So I think we should all treasure these days! because it only happens once a year.

imagesE1RV0I4LAnyway point is that without Easter we wouldn’t have any Cream Eggs!

Well this is just an extra mini post to express my love for Easter!

So …Happy Easter!!

Fantarica xxx

Book Review: Wicked Lovely

Hello so today I’m going to do a book review, this my first time one but I guess it mustn’t be that hard!(No Spoilers)

WICKED LOVELY by Melissa Marr.

Wicked lovely is the first of It’s series of 5 books. It was a fun book to read,I don’t normally rPicsArt_03-13-11.13.57ead books like this anymore…

Wicked lovely is about a love story between a human and a fairy. It is a weird and wonderful book. My favourite Character is Keenan, the fairy who wants to have Aislinn for his “Summer Queen”, but he is not the best at flirting with human girls. I am not going to say more information about the book because I hate spoilers!

Some people may say that it is a bit like Twilight but I don’t really think that it is because These books are shorter So a lot more things seem to happen, Rather than the big twilight books that are quite slow ( I am not critising Twilight).

This book bought me back to the days I believed in fairies; when I used to play in the garden and seeing them on some flowers and pretending to be one or when a cold breeze brushed against my skin, I used to think that a fairy was near me.I forgot how much I loved them until now! They are beautiful creatures. I am going to finish the series for sure!

I think that sometimes if you are a book worm you should go once every two months to the library and pick a book that you would never pick. You never know the book may be full of surprises! 🙂

Fantarica xxx


The Famous About Page.

I just found out that the about page was the most important pages of all. Well you will probably be let down by this about page because firstly I can’t even fit the about page properly into the about section. Secondly I am not the best at technologie and thirdly I am a beginner and you will see a lot more better abouts than the one you are about to read but if you have the courage to stick along so be it…

This Blog is all about various subjects from my deepest thoughts ( well propably not my “deepest” but you know…anyway it’s about my thoughts ) to book reviews. Also there are an awful lot of quotes . Quotes and words are important to me and should be important to everyone.

Let see what more to say… I post one blog post per week on Fridays and one quote every monday I think one day I will move to two posts a week because I have a lot of posts scheduled but at the moment I do not have the courage in case I run out of Ideas.

Wait a minute: * looks for other about pages to find inspiration* *Just realised that you don’t have to have a long about page*.

Anyway let me tell you more about me…

I get bored a lot so that is one of the reasons why I started this blog the other reason is that I wanted to try and connect with people and read other blogs. Oh I forgot the third reason is that I want to improve my writing because I think being a good writer can be really important in life.

I am a 14 years old teen who daydreams most of the time of the most weird and random things. ( I put my age because it bugs me so much when I don’t know the blogger’s age!)

I am on a journey to positivness (I dont even know if it’s a word) and hapiness.

I like many things like crafts, food, stories, Fairies, love etc…

Well I think this is all I can think of for my about page So I think this is the time that I should end it.

Good bye!

Fantarica xxx



Imagine a world where…

Imagine a World where…

Imagine if it happened in a different way… Imagine if we would all have been prepared… Imagine if the technology would have been a lot more advanced than it is now…

Now imagine it around 150 years in the future ; where most of the world is under water because of global warming apart from little islands where we only grow crops..But where would we be?…Well we would be under the oceans of course,  some of us who didn’t mind the heat, float around on top of the seas, There are a really small number of people living on land they are as rare as esquimos were 200 years ago.

But how do we have electricity you may ask? Well floating around the surface of the seas are millions of solar-panels that generates enough electricity for us, but it doesn’t seem to get to the land-people yet. We are not aloud to use heating to protect the earth and to not increase global warming.

Of course we do have water problems… We drink less water,they give us only one litre a day of drinking water per family, sometimes more if they see that we haven’t used much electricty or taken much showers throughout the week, but If we have used a lot we get half of the water or less the same goes with food . I heard that some families didn’t get water because the “waterpeople” got there water and electricty depenser wrong so they were dehydrated and they all finished having illnesses and died. I feel really sorry for them I do hope that it doesn’t happen to my family.

We can’t really go out much but we have 3 hours of lessons a week where we learn about stuff that happened in the past and also how to make the world a better place, It gives us oppurtunyties to meet new people that we can only see on Sundays ( Sunday is visit day for everyone). We have one hour of sport a week where we can also meet new people. We have a couple of families that we go and see on Sundays.Sometimes staying in our house who is quite small for a long time can sometime makes us quite mad and strange so those hours of going out are precious to us.

I have never seen the sun, I have never even been out of the water yet! Under the sea we have everything we need ; Oxygen, Plants, a kind of special light bulb that they have invented 100 years ago that gives you all the vitamin you need that the sun should provide you.

The population is decreasing, in some ways it is quite good because then we won’t run out of crops as quickly.It is really hard to find love here, my parents are extremely lucky to have met each other, I hope that one day i’ll meet someone that will give me butterflys and make me feel madly in love like they talk all about in books. I fear that when the population will shrink to much we will be forced to reproduce.

Sometimes I want to go on the land,look at the sky and feel the heat and the wind stroking  against my skin like they explain it in books Or see the old buildings falling apart, seeing what it would of been like to live there like my ancestors , 200 years ago.

Today I wrote a completely different post. I seldom write posts like these, but I thought that I should once in a while. I imagined all this while I was walking home from school. So when I arrived home I immediately made a cup of tea and started typing this little text.

Please tell me if you want more of these little stories/texts. I hoped you liked it!

Fantarica xxx