Homework 😢


 For those who hate homework and are super lazy :

I just wanted to say good luck to all of you who are studying or have a huge homework project at the moment, I personally need luck each time I do some homework! It can be hard, stressing, depressing, torturing but in the end it is worth it.❤ So take you’re pen and books and start studying. Don’t wait until the last minute or you will regret it! Do it Now!

~Don’t Stop until you’re proud~

Fantarica xxx


Butterfly Origami


I absolutely love these origami butterflies I make a lot of them. I think they are cute too. It the most simple origami that I have ever made ! So as it is Spring soon and loads of butterfly at this time of the year are flying around I thought it was a great idea to share this origami  with you!

1. Get a square piece of paper for example 10cm x 4. Fold the paper 4 times. The lines are supposed to cross in the middle as shown:Cast_20150417_829_DSC_0120.JPG

2.Put the outer sections in the middle:Cast_20150417_830_DSC_0121.JPG

3.Take the front two corners and bring them to the middle top corner:Cast_20150417_831_DSC_0122.JPG

4.Turn it over, and take the top corner and bring it to the bottom:Cast_20150417_832_DSC_0123.JPG

5.Fold the figure in half and you’ve done it! You have made a beautiful butterfly!Cast_20150417_833_DSC_0124.JPG


Fantarica xxx

Finding and writing to a penpal.

All you need to know about penpals !

I love having penpals you learn different lives and each time it makes you look forward to the replies! Plus some can turn out as very good friends! So why not give it a try?


Finding A Penpal:

Finding a Penpal can be quite hard sometimes especially when you don’t know where to look.

There are a few “penpal” sites that are quite useful to find you a penpal like mylanguageexchange.com, Penpal World, Students of the world , Penpalsnow, Interpenpal. That’s the only one that I know but I am sure if you do some research you will find loads more!

The best site that has worked for me is students of the world it is really easy to use and to look for people I’ve had a lot of penpals on there. I think that the other ones aren’t so good but You could still find one on the other sites.


How to keep a Penpal (e-mail):

A lot of my penpals and me have only spoke to for a week and then stopped. So here are some tips to keep one.

1- Be enthusiastic! It will make them very happy!

2-Be curious I you’re curious they will find interesting and want to know more about you.

3-DON’T SMALL TALK! It is not texting!

4-Try to make a good conversation that they will enjoy.

5- Try to talk to them at least every 3 days other wise you will forget about them or they will forget about you.

6- Don’t only talk to them about Language homework! That is mean!

7- Don’t try to make yourself interesting, don’t invent anything about yourself or you’re life to make you interesting!

How to keep a penpal (letters):

I don’t know a lot about snail mail because I just started but I know That you should always start your first letter with an introduction!

Be very careful though to not fall on a pervert or someone like that! Oh and It always make people happy when they get cute letters that they spent time on.



Loving yourself and making hobbies

plate_love_kitchen_240358_m                                                  Loving Yourself Is One Of The Most Important Things In Your Life.

So today I wanted to do a blog post on something that people find quite hard to do and that is  Loving Yourself.

We do not always love ourselves, We often look in the mirror and critic something on our body even if it’s a pimple or somebody fat or even our eyebrows, We live in a world where People are a lot more self-conscious that we are supposed to be we are all peer pressured to try and look perfect <—But being perfect doesn’t matter at all! But you could also critic your inner self like saying to yourself that you are stupid or not good enough or blaming everything on yourself.

I am on a journey to try and love myself but for the past few weeks I have realised that you don’t have to love yourself, you just need to love spending time with Yourself and to be happy with what you do and what choices you make because you are perfect,just the way you are.

You can love spending time with yourself by doing things you love! Try to find a new hobbies that you love or try out a hobby of someone that you find beautiful . If you do loads of cute and fun activities that you love sometimes you will say to yourself:” I may not like the way I look or how lazy I am but I have a great personality!


Think about the person that you want to be and set yourself that goal (try to find a reachable goal) , For me this didn’t particularly work, The only thing that it did was make me feel down but you could have a go maybe for you guys it will work.

I woke up one day in a great mood and I told myself that I should try to be the best version of myself as possible. And it worked I deleted the Addictive game on my phone ( Candy Crush) and that gave me a lot of time to know the beautiful person that I am inside (I am not narcissist).  So I started spending more time doing my hobbies. I baked more often, Played my Piano more, Did collages, did more Drawing, Read A lot more, Completed all my homework for school and I even discovered Two new hobbies, Yoga and Painting!  Hobbies will help you discover the best version of yourself.

Now they sell Adults colouring books, a lot of people say that they absolutely love it! Plus It is super soothing! So you could try that as a new hobby.

I am not a sporty girl at all so I decided That yoga was the sport for me and it Was! I found a Yoga Youtube  channel (YogawithAdreine) It is a super relaxing sport great to spend time with yourself.

Also do not invest Yourself in a person that don’t make you feel beautiful it will only destroy you it is really unhealthy!

Spending time with your family is really important and helps you love yourself, Do nice things for them and you will think of yourself as a good person plus they love you for who you are.

To finish it off here is a poem by Grace Nichols:


“Give yourself a hug.

Give yourself a hug

When you feel unloved.


Give yourself a hug

when people put on airs

to make you feel like a bug


Give yourself a big big hug.

And keep on singing one in a million like me

Only one In a million-billion-trillion-zillion like me.”


Well I hoped you like this post I spent a lot of work on it and It is only my 3rd one.


Fantarica xx