10 things to post on instagram!📷


Sometimes we all have times we have no idea what to post on Instagram so here are 10 Ideas!

(Or sunsets)
If your lazy just point you’re camera to the sky and voila 😀

Put pretty stuff together on a table and make it cutxe and there you have it 🙂

3- texture

Get a close up of some sort of texture and edit it in black and white to have a misterious texture.

If one day you feel arty and you create something amazing Post it on Instagram!

5-Self – Portrait.
A self portrait is great in once in a while make it arty and different and good quality but don’t take them to often!

You can just pop outside and find a flower it’s super easy edit it to make it look cool,But dont get to close to the flower though !

7-Food or Drinks.
Everybody loves food and a nice summer drink so go for it. And don’t forget to use natural lighting!

8-Pets or Wildlife.
I don’t know anyone who don’t like wild life so go for it. It’s easier if you have a pet Haha, But don’t post to many people get bored of that after a moment.

9- The Weather.
Try to show in your pictures what kind of weather it is like if you are at the beach take cool summer pictures.

10 – Fashion.
A good 40% of the posts on Instagram is based on Fashion so If you got a new Jumper go and take a picture!

Fantarica xxx